ADHD: College and Covid-19


I would like to start a conversation about how are people with ADHD managing college while still at home from other people across the globe.
I’m from Costa Rica, and even when I know my university is taking all the measures to make it as much easy as they can for students and professors as well, the whole situation sometimes can feel overwhelming and the fact that we need to rebuild routines and set up new house rules its not always easy.

How are we adapting?
What can other people do to make everything easier?
What are the coping strategies that are working for you?
How do you keep engaged when you only see the professor or only their screen?

For example:
I’m trying to meditate at least 10 min every day, but it doesn’t always happen that way.
And walking around the block when its not raining.

Also I need desperate help with accountability :frowning: so if anybody would like to give me a hand or even better: help each other through this, let’s team up!

What ever happens I’m certain that we as Brains can get to every challenge that faces us, as we are kind to our selves and our brains.



Welcome . . . :sunglasses:

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I know my univeristy is taking steps as well in order to keep everyone safe. Some coping stragies that are work for me are when I get assigned an assigment and its something that can easily be done on that day do it. Also look at which can help you pick classes based on reviews from piror students to see if it would be a good match and to see if they are good at online teaching because not all are.