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Hi, my name is peyton, my pronouns are they/she and im bisexual omniromantic, anyways, I started questioning due to a video I saw about adhd in women and I resonated with a lot of it, and since im enetering adolecense my symptoms have gottne much worse, the symptoms have been getting stronger by the day and I never thought of adhd before, I always thought it was just anxiety, and I want to get a diagnosis as soon as possible, and I’ve been struggling with my symptoms since as long as I can remember, and I read the dsm-5 to make sure, and one of the requirments is to have had the symptoms for more than 6 moths, if i’ve been struggling with this my hole life but just now realized and my symptoms have been getting worse for like three months does it still count?



I cant read this ATM but i will be back

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Hi @peyton, welcome to the HowToADHD forums!

Since your symptoms have persisted for years, then it seems more likely that you do have ADHD.

From what I’ve learned about ADHD, adolescence can bring a change or escalation in symptoms.

I cannot speak from experience, since I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 45, and don’t recall if my ADHD traits increased with adolescence.
However, when I was diagnosed last year, I was diagnosed with anxiety at the same time. The anxiety had increased the severity of my ADHD traits to at least three times worse than normal. Getting treatment for the anxiety first was definitely necessity in my case, so that I could then get the diagnosis and treatment that I needed for ADHD.

  • When a person has two or more conditions like this, they are referred to as “co-morbidities”. Examples of co-morbid conditions include: ADHD, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), learning differences (such as dyslexia or dyscalculia), anxiety, depression, and several others.

(Ironically, untreated ADHD can cause or contribute to other issues such as anxiety or depression.)

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Since you think that you may have ADHD, I hope that you are able to get assessed for it. The earlier the correct diagnosis and treatment (whether it is for ADHD or something else), the better it will be for you moving forward.

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