ADHD Dogs?

I have a random question, and it comes from a video I saw of a therapy dog for someone on the Autistic Spectrum. I see that therapy dogs are trained a lot for people on the Autistic spectrum.

As far as I know, which i’m pretty confident in, being a neurologist agreed with me, but I am for sure not on the autistic spectrum, I only mention this because it runs in my family, thus i’m predisposed but it just seems I got that ADHD.

My question is, do they train therapy dogs for people with ADHD?

I could see tons of uses for this, and similarities.

For starters being the emotional dysregulation people with ADHD have, this seems like something a therapy dog could help with.

Also a lot of therapy dogs are used to treat the comorbidities of people on the Autistic spectrum, but people with ADHD share a fair amount of common comorbidities name depression and anxiety based disorder, OCD, and others I could see therapy dogs in great use for.

I’m just kinda curious if this is a thing?

Also could you like train a dog, to like notice when you are distracted and remind you? I mean this one i’m not sure if its even possible, but it would be nice if we had therapy dogs, that could possibly notice from a persons behavior and mannerisms if they are distracted or more likely possible procrastinating, and like bark or something.


OK your questions has made me look up a bunch of stuff about ADHD therapy dogs. And if you look it up on Wikipedia it blatantly states that ADHD is one of the many disorders that can have a therapy dog/pet.

They can help you with time management and learning how to be on the schedule with the pet then after you learn that. You then can time manage things other than that which can help prepare you for things other than the pet which is interesting.

Hyper activity is another thing is we can’t seem to be still and people can’t really keep up with us most the time. But pets will probably will be able to stay with us all the time.

Also unconditional love that’s some thing that has ADHD is mean I would dare say more than the average person. Because let’s be honest we screw up a lot. And having a pal there that’s by you 24/7 is probably the best thing that we could have other than medication.

And there have been studies with therapy dogs and they did extremely well.

And plus who doesn’t like a cute little pup.
So, yes we can have them.