ADHD Friendly App.

For School I am making an app (So my teacher thinks it is just an app) but I am making an app that is more directed towards ADHD. What do people want in an ADHD Friendly app because my brain has turned off and IDK what things to put in it. I have to have a list of some things by Monday. Send me any ideas!

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Do you have an idea of what you want it to be?


I have some ideas but I want to see what ideas others have. I have 18 weeks to work on it soooo i have enough time.

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Notifications for when to schedule appoinments or refill meds and take meds or otherthings along these lines along with other things as well maybe something that includes the Pomodoro timer or other things


The above with a built-in game that’s addictive enough that I might actually use an app for more than a nanosecond.


Things to think about:

  • out of sight is out of mind so make sure important tasks stay visible.

  • switching context is hard so may be provide a different tune for each kind of time based activity. Tune to switch to a new activity, or tune to end one. Depending on the kind. If done right, this may create a Pavlovian response to doing routine activities :slight_smile:

  • Similarly color code by activity type


I’ve been thinking that a single app that combines the features of for trying to stay focussed and to remind me to stop, and re-evaluate.

The first one motivates me to stay on task as I don’t get the tree to grow if I don’t do the set time (say one hour) the second one is there to remind me to take a break and celebrate that I stayed on task (even if the job is not done yet, celebrating/reflecting is important)
(I have effectively used this method last sunday and monday, have been recovering since)

So the first version of your app would just need two inputs, a minimum time to stay on task and a maximum time where you should stop and pat yourself on the back. and give you rewards for both (tree, and ice cream!)

Next you could incorporate it with a task/todo app like by gina trapani and then assign todo’s to the two timer thingy. The thing I like about is that all you need to manage is a text file (todo.txt) for the actual tasks so if things all go askew you just get in there and edit by hand. There is an app I’ve tried to use called simpletask on android that does the management of this but I guess it would be cool to incorporate it with the timer features above.

that’s my current wish list let me know what you think and I’d be happy to trial it esp if you could incorporate the todo.txt elements.

good luck!


so like pomodoro timer?

I dmed scot on discord and asked if i can put it in here but if this is something people like i am enjoying making this I would most likely update it with any feedback i get

That is the first thing i am working on idk what all i can add using what i am using (because its a free version as this is a school project)



I’m arranging this so you can look at things for inspiration/comparison.
Also all of what I say is knowing full well I’m not your teacher and you might have to check this sort of thinking against your rubric/marking sheet and teachers expectations.

Sounds like a possible plan could be:

  • implement a todo list manager (or borrow someone elses that is already doing most of what you need it to)
  • extend it to manage two or three times/timers for best case/worst case/break time (see below, text after Q1)
  • extend it some more with gamifying aspects nice smileys, bling, etc.

as you get the bits working you can build on them stage by stage.

Some links for ideas:

Q1: Kinda like a pomodoro but here the two times are as follows:

  • Timer 1: time to work on that task, and nothing else -> in this gets you a tree, and they have improved it that it keeps count of how much overtime you go.
  • Timer 2: time to stop because if I keep going I may well be thrashing and although I think it’s productive you’re actually running out of steam … at the end of this give I’m trying for a real reward like Icecream or choccolate or a nice drink because I managed to do the thing, if progress is slow I might spot this and make plans to break things down a bit more. Let’s call it a dopamine management strategy timer.
    I’m using 60/90 minutes but milage may vary per person and task.
  • Timer 3? Maybe it could be good to have a third timer that asks you to get back to work (like the one I need right now)

Once again Bon Chance: I’ll check back in 24 hrs or so. Time for me to go work on my own programming problems.

tl;dr: goobledy goop on stuff you might want to look at but not ready to do just yet: With respect to (wrt) because it’s extensible with tags of the variety <tag>:<value> of your choosing you could just modify how it works (a rule of progress is don’t redo what someone else has done, improve on it) so you could save yourself a lot of time worrying about how to store the capture the todo items because someone else has already done it. then all your programming/app has to do is work of of that basis and extend it. Another plus is that if your app works off of this basis there is a whole community (in the broader world, not just here) already using todo.txt so you’re contributing and getting feed back from there.

Thanks for your patience.


To bad i did read lol

That seems like a long time imo i cant focus longer than 30 mins and that is rough 98% of the time

I did not know this

I will keep all of this in mind


@Lucy1 @Camper_Ellie @Pithy @khagen and @lui I need to come up with some name ideas so i can put a poll up if you guys have any let me know.


AHA! The ADHD Helper App.


Chin up, as I learnt later in life better to act first and ask for forgiveness later. Provided you meant no harm, u’ll be right.

Ultimately it’s you’re inner text to speech engine that’s yelling at you, not the text itself. Disclaimer: I am discord ignorant and you may well have been yelled at, then all I can offer is try to replay the words as if the person saying them has swallowed helium first (and sounds/looks like a chipmunk clown).

A word of caution: make the app work for you first, once you’re happy wait at least 24 hr then let your friends (IRL) try, then class mates, then worry about the rest of the world.

alla prossima (till next time)


Name suggestions:

  • Attention!
  • Attention, Brains!
  • The ADHD friendly App
  • Remember, Focus, Do!
  • ADHDPDA (ADHD personal digital assistant)



I shall add these to my list of ideas

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Mmm, I think if I’d asked an innocuous question and been castigated, my response would have been directed outwards rather than inwards.


Hey! just seen this since I’m not active on here much, I’m not going to give a specific reason for anything due to the privacy of our moderation on the Discord but he was told to not advertise the app for the safety of the members of the community with the app in mind knowing its made from a source and not by him exactly, not as a loss of trust with him but just as a precaution with the website the app was made with at hand.


As i said in our dms im sorry for what issues I caused i just needed a place to vent about it.


Hi Dwayne,

just so I understand (because some days I’m dumber than than others):

  • the app is going to be based on some other SW code base and as such advertising it here is going to be a potetial problem down the track if that thin crust pizza basis on which it’s built comes back and compromises the users of that app.

Trent: this sort of thing happens - a lot - recently (AFAIK) a lot of Java developers found out that their favourite integrated development environment (IDE), which was build and supported from some far flung shore was spying on them, so this sort of thing does happen and Dwayne has some basis for his concerns.

  • add to that the fact any potential users were directed to the app from some sort of promoting of the app here may then bring all the layers to the yard (they can sniff this stuff away from 1000s of miles away) looking to lay blame as to why someone had the identity stolen as a result of using said app etc. etc.

Trent: start small, walk tall and if it’s any good we’ll all find out about it.


Hi Trent,

I hope your app is coming along. One of my many nicknames is ‘Synchronicity’, so within weeks of posting my ideas Jessica posts this:

One thing that these timers don’t do for me is to just let me keep going … and ask me to stop a little later on) Mind you I’m up to my third short timer (and the break) to stop me from being on the forum.


PS. one of my other nicknames is ‘Sunspot’ which is pretty appropriate because I have intense periods of output once every … 11 years?