ADHD in Jamaica


Anyone with ADHD in Jamaica please reach out!
It’s hard here in Jamaica where there is a stigma towards mental illness and not many people are willing or able to recognize the condition and seek help much less identify with the illness and speak up. I’m ready to speak up and would love to find other Jamaicans with ADHD to talk to about our daily struggles in navigating this world, how to explain to persons that ADHD isn’t something we made up, and how to achieve greater recognition for the condition here in Jamaica so we can have access to more treatment options than just Concerta which may not work for everyone and encourage others to get diagnosed!


Hey I’m not in Jamaica but my mom is from there… We’re living in Canada now & I’m thankful. I can barley talk to her now cause she knew about these things when I was young, ppl told her to look into it & my parents denied it all telling me to cope with anxiety etc. & other family just thinks I have bad parenting, not enough discipline… I def haven’t had the same struggle as you but I can see where you’re coming from. I hope you find more tools on the forum. I just joined it recently. You’re so strong to accept what’s going on & seek more info. Some ppl just ignore & deflect to cope but people can relate & support you here too :slight_smile: I hope that helps a little.