ADHD in Nigeria



Hi everyone. I’m new here. I tend to feel kind of alone, like I’m the only one in Nigeria with ADHD. I know it’s not true. But mental health is such a taboo here that it many people don’t even know what ADHD is. It’s also hard to get meds consistently here. How do you cope?


HI, I’m in Nigeria. And I get exactly what you mean. I haven’t even been able to get a prescription not to talk of medication.


Wow I honestly didn’t think anyone would respond. Thank you.

When did you get diagnosed, Amoralyn?


January this year. You?


January last year. Or so I thought. I found out 2 weeks ago from my mom that I was diagnosed as a child but she didn’t want me to take the drugs. It was a relief on one hand to know, like a confirmation that I’m not ‘just lazy’. But then on the other hand I felt like, wow… imagine if I had known my whole life. What kind of difference might it have made?


I felt the exact same way. But at least we know now.


South African here, we see a lot of that taboo this side of the continent to


Hi Josh! Thanks for your post. I actually wanted to move to Jo-burg next year. So are med scarce there as well? What’s it like trying to get treatment?


Hello :slight_smile:


It’s not too bad here, I actually came by my diagnosis fairly easily and meds are available at most pharmacies, though amphetamine based meds like Adderall are not available.

Also, most medical aides won’t cover them.

Therapy is a challenge though, it’s like minimum one month between sessions