ADHD in Pakistan?


السلام علیکم.
Mein janna chati huon kisi Pakistani ADHDer ki kahani. Kya aap ke ADHD ki tashkhees ho chukki hai ya nahi? aur agar ho chukki hai tou aap kessay iss ke sath reh rahay hain? Kya aap ke waldein ne aap ki madad ki? Kya aap RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria) se waqfiyat rakhtay hain?


Hello, i can’t understand exactly what your asking from google translate, but maybe you can teach me and i can help you with english, nice to meet you and happy your sharing :slight_smile:


Also i would absolutely love to video chat with someone from Pakistan, since im way over in nz.


Lol. I can speak English well. I just wanted to conversate in Urdu. I’m facing some issues to use my Urdu keyboard here that’s why wrote my message in English. Nice to meet you Enzo! What do you want to learn?


Hey sorry for slow reply i am not always online, do you mean your first message in english? and Urdu? and to be honest i watch so many docos about pakistan so i would love to learn more and learn the lingo/lingos from there, i only know english and i feel a bit useless since yourself and so many other know more than one.


No, I know English well. Not my first time. Also, not the first time I am writing a post/message in Urdu.
Yes, there are many documentaries, also vlogs on Pakistan. You’re welcome to learn Urdu. Urdu has borrowed its words from different languages Persian, Arabic and Turkish to name a few.

It’s alright. It’s only a matter of time when one masters a language or anything in particular. Here’s the thing : every country has its own native language (in Pakistan there is a diversity of cultures, hence many dialects of language). Along with the native language, English is often times made compulsory to learn in certain countries so that a person may communicate internationally.


I feel so western when you put it all like that :stuck_out_tongue: since i only know english, is Urdu a main language in Pakistan?


And it also seems like i can’t help teach you to much in return since your english is on point :slight_smile:


Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. Then there are other languages being spoken in its provinces (4 provinces - Punjab, Sindh, Balouchistan and Khyber Pukhtunkhuwa).


It does seem complicated just reading about it, do some of them interchange a little with words?


Would you be open to chat/skype or something like that one day? Not sure how acceptable that is? i have seen some strict rules about that sort of thing, but maybe that is just in some tribal areas with certain cultures? im limited to what i know from the internet so excuse my ignorance, i just find it really interesting there and afghanistan and its exciting to talk to someone about it.


Yes, all these languages share words but not all of them. They all have different accent.


Especially someone with adhd because we normally all speak the same adhd language regardless of country


I’m not comfortable with it. Yes, but I can conversate here, in front of everyone.

As far as tribal areas are concerned, they have a rich culture where they value their self worth and traditions.


Sweet as i totally understand it was very forward of me, i just love to chat to new people from places i have not before and had no bad intentions but totally respect your choice, and i don’t know much about the tribal areas just what i watch on various docos, i just find it really interesting and in know way judge it in case you thought that, just trying to learn and expand my mind :slight_smile:


And thanks for being straight up i love that :slight_smile:


And hopefully i did not offend at all as i would never do that on purpose :slight_smile:


You have not offended me any way.


okay that’s good i am glad :slight_smile: can i ask how is adhd reconised and treated over there? as from New Zealand my idea of pakistan is maybe not exactly how it is?


The diagnostic rate is not that high. As for the treatment, there are meds but also, therapy (Behavioral modification, counseling and the like).