ADHD in Saudi Arabia

Hi !
I have noticed a lack of support in my country regarding ADHD for adults , so I will take an advantage of this brilliant website to gather people from saudi arabia so we can support each other in different ways ! Thnx

من الملاحظ ان التوعية للمرض ضعيفة عندنا ونفتقد للاخصائين المناسبيين للعلاج ، الموضوع هذا بيكون دعم للمصابين به ونصائح مختلفة او توصيات ممتازة لبعض المؤسسات الي تقدم العلاج

Hi Khalid,

It sucks that no one replied. I was hoping that I can find someone from SA here. I agree with you about the lack of support or info regarding ADHD in SA. Although, it definitely has improved in the past couple of years, not near enough though. I suspect that I might have ADHD myself but I find it very difficult to locate a specialist in Riyadh. I want someone who specializes in diagnosing adhd in adults not just kids or teenagers. I’m 27 and just starting to learn about ADHD and I hope to find someone in my area so could support each other.

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Salam (Welcome) Roamer. !

I am of Middle Eastern origin. The first language I learned was Arabic, before I learned English.

I received a diagnosis of ADHD aged 41, despite being in my records as a child. I have other diagnoses of neurodiverse conditions.

My parents can’t support me.

I think, there is a lot of stigma in the Middle Eastern , North African region.

I think, in Egypt it is a little better.


In other countries, it is not great, especially for adults