ADHD in TV/Movies


I saw the music thread and it’s reminded me of how there’s not a lot of ADHD representation in TV. What are characters in shows, movies, or books that have adhd either explicitly or not?

Im thinking of Anne of Green Gables (especially in Anne with and E)


This question came up in a different thread a while back, and much later I wondered if basically nearly all the ‘naughty’ children in Enid Blyton’s books were brains. Very often they were well-meaning but impulsive, and always late/forgetting things.


Can’t find any good clips, but Kaylee from the TV show Firefly seems to exhibit some potential signs of ADHD.


I was thinking along similar lines this weekend. It would help the cause immensely if a soap would have a character with ADHD. Statistically every soap should probably have one Brain. My only reservation would be that they would sensationalise the condition-unless approached similarly to the Downs Syndrome characters in Corrie and Emmerdale.