ADHD mom of three preschoolers!

Hey all! I’m 26, and I have an incredible husband and three kids (currently 4.5y, almost 3y and 4mo old). I was diagnosed in January 2018 but my mom figured out I had it super early on and chose to focus on developing good life coping skills with me from an early age without getting me diagnosed. She figured I could pursue further diagnosis and treatment later in life if I needed to and after a year of postpartum depression with my daughter and a chronically disastrous house, I did. I tried four different medications so far, but I had to stop last january since I got pregnant with our third and we didn’t want me to take my meds during pregnancy/breastfeeding just in case. I live in the pacific northwest and would love to connect with other brains, especially other brains who are moms of littles. It’s chaotic and housewife is seriously the worst job on earth for my strengths, but I do love my kids and we are, slowly but surely, getting the house organized into a way that works for us.


Have you read Women With Attention Deficit Disorder by Sari Solden? She writes about the ‘job description for a woman’ and how it reads as diametrically-opposed to ADHD symptoms (y’know, multitasking, managing household finances, competition for attention, keeping stuff clean and tidy,etc.). Was a real eye-opener for me. I read it before I was diagnosed and it was kind of a ‘hoo-boy’ moment.

This is why I find it so annoying when I come across the ‘everyone has ADHD people.’
No. No, they do not.


Hi Mombrain!

I am also a mum of three, (aged 6, 4, and 1),
I am 36 and have not been diagnosed, but I started out clicking on a video of ‘what it’s like to have ADHD’ I kept thinking oh, but everyone is like that right? (apparently not…) I go through every list of the symptoms I can find and they are like such an accurate descriptor of me in every way. Mum did joke when I was younger, that if she had me assessed I would have been diagnosed, but I’ve always just dismissed the possibility that I was. But like your parents, mine decided just to work with me to develop good self management skills. I think its been a good decision for me, and while I’ve coped pretty well most of my life, I have really struggled since having kids and trying to organise a household. I am wondering if I should look into diagnosis; did it help you to have that done? I also have a very wild six year old. I read how I am supposed to be organised and calm for him, so he can develop skills well, but not sure how to do this well when organised is such a struggle and calm (managing my emotions…) feels almost impossible…


I’m a 21 yr. Old mom of a 2 yr old, and the last year and half feels like it flew by and now everything is slowing down. Ive been diagnosed and have had a therapist when I was younger, for a very short period of time. My mom has never been close to me and shes had her own share of issues, so I’ve never gotten any help since then. It seems like I’ve become way more aware of how my add is affecting my every day life and relationships, and now I feel like I need to do something about it but dont know what. I’m not in school anymore because ive no clue of what I want to do, and it isnt cheap. But being a mom I have this responsibility and as the days go by the pressure of needing to find a career is weighing me down. On top of that I’ve got this anxiety I feel is stemming from my add, it definitely stops me from pursuing things in life which is so demotivating. I could use some advice!

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