ADHD Moods (Drawings)


Wasn’t sure what section to post this in, but I started sketching some ADHD moods in my sketchbook. It helps vent the frustration a little bit, and I thought I’d share. Maybe at some point I’ll have enough to develop more into a bigger illustration project! Which is super great in theory, assuming it’s something I could actually follow through on past a sketch phase, lol. Anyways, here those are.


I can completely relate to the 1st one.


These are amazing


I’ve been trying to work out how to explain the first one for ages I swear.


Do you have an Instagram where you post these? :slight_smile:


I have an instagram for my art (it’s @triciarozelle) but I haven’t posted any of these on there yet. I’m usually pretty open about having ADHD personally, but I worry about being open about it professionally (I’m an illustration student, so my art instagram is essentially my professional social media presence). I don’t have enough material to make a separate instagram account for it though. I’m considering posting material like this for ADHD awareness month, but I still hesitate, becauseee stigma, mostly. I don’t want it to interfere with my professional opportunities, but I also don’t want that to stop me from advocating and increasing awareness. So that’s hard.


It’s a difficult choice, sad but true, Initally, I couldn’t wait to make some comics about ADHD (I mean, it’s a comedy goldmine, isn’t it? Among other things?) but between job applications and appearing professional to the part of my audience I’m not friends or relatives with, I haven’t really worked up the courage yet either.


It might not be as big of a problem as you think. Adhd is common in the art community Mabey u might make some useful connections throw it.


Well , there is more then one way to skin a cat. A weird saying I know but it still rings true. If u don’t want to come right out saying it’s an adhd character. Why not make the character a side character everyone has experiences with adhd people if u make the character as a side character u can test the waters. Or u can make the character and not openly address this character as adhd but give the character all the characteristics that are funny while Mabey making it more well rounded with the struggles and the benefits. Because while I know the adhd character can be funny the stereotypes can be hurtful


My therapist’s response to this dilemma was this: Keep making them, keep sharing them (semi, in this case) privately for now. Someday make it into what I want it to be, because it could be relatable (and helpful) to a lot of people. But her suggestion was that I wait to go public with that until after I have a solid reputation as a professional (that I’m as reliable and consistent as I need to be). So instead of endangering a reputation that hasn’t been built yet (because I’m still a student and haven’t started working for clients on my own yet), it becomes more of a ‘wow she’s so brave to share that!’ in the eyes of people who aren’t familiar w/ ADD/ADHD. Not that I have any huge desire to be the ‘wow, look what they’ve overcome’ story, but it beats people doubting my ability to do my job because of a diagnosis. Which even if in the art community isn’t that huge of a deal it’s still a possibility. I’m an illustrator, so I’d be working with all sorts fo clients with varying relationships to the art world - some clients don’t know all that much about it and some are very familiar with it. It all depends.


@nottocat I like the hand drawing! What type of illustrations are you hoping to make - concept art? Books? Trading cards? Something else?


Super late response, sorry about that!

I’m open to a lot of things, but I think, due to my desire to have an in house job and illustration not really having many of those, the niche I’m really looking to get into is surface design/graphic art for products like wrapping paper, bedding, clothing, basically everything you see when you walk around a Target or Khols. I find pattern design to specifically be really satisfying because the assets themselves can be made pretty quickly, so you have some instant gratification there - but then actually arranging them can be tricky and means a lot of little minute adjustments, which can become a really great outlet for any nitpicky perfectionistic impulses, lol. I have about a year and a half left of school, which is terrifyingly little, and I’m a little anxious that I haven’t been able to start my career while I’m in school, which is heavily encouraged. But taking the amount of classes I’m taking is what I can handle right now, and I keep telling myself that it’s better to take a little longer to get moving and be successful than to rush and get burnt out and never reach my goals. I’ll be okay, I think.


Powerfull drawings!
Like you I love to draw. I have just realised how ADHD shaped my life and have started on a few sketches as well, though working on them feels like touching a bare nerve.
It would be very interesting to see how the different experiences are caught in Art.


Here’s another one, on RSD.