ADHD Music: References or Inspiration in Songs


Hey there, fellow Brains!

If you don’t know already, I’m a bit of a musician in my spare time and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in General Music from university.

Because I love music so much, I listen to it all the time and look for songs that express how I’m feeling and have lyrics that I can relate to in meaningful ways. As such, I figured I would create this post for sharing music that has themes/lyrics that relate to ADHD and its effects.

Disturbed: “The Light”

10 Years: “Fix Me”

New Found Glory: “At Least I’m Known for Something”

Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara): “Heavy”

Red: “Confession (What’s Inside My Head)”

Seventh Day Slumber: “Burning Bridges”

twenty one pilots: “Car Radio”

Thousand Foot Krutch: “Favorite Disease”

Skillet: “I Want to Live”

Feel free to add any others you can think of. :slight_smile:

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I find music helps me alot, here are just two songs I use when I’m feeling sorry for myself :joy:


First thing that comes to mind:
Marian Call: I Hope My Discipline Improves in Time


And now I’m down that rabbit hole…
Whistle While You Wait


You Get What You Give by New Radicals

Dream On by Aerosmith


My World by Avril Lavigne!! This whole album was my jam as a grungy teenager, but this song spoke to my undiagnosed inattentive type ADHD. “Can’t help it if I space in a daze, my eyes tune out the other way, I may switch off and go in a daydream…”

also Anything but Ordinary, from the same album. Avril has ADHD and has actually said this song is about it :slight_smile:

Oh and this one :slight_smile:

All very motivating for ADHD!




Loving all the songs @Samuelburns, @themax, @ktb_213, @djelibeybi, and @Anonymous1!

I’ve got a few more to add myself:
Soul Extract: “Superheroes”

Cyrus Reynolds: “Half Life”

Cyrus Reynolds: “Oh Brother”

Joe Ford & Celldweller: “Breaking Point”

Five Finger Death Punch: “Question Everything”

Five Finger Death Punch: “Remember Everything”

Red: “Shadows”

Skillet: “Sometimes”

Infected Mushroom: “Becoming Insane”

Disturbed: “Stronger on Your Own”

Demon Hunter: “I am a Stone”