ADHD Online Coworking

Hi All,

I am struggling big time with being productive at home… Just caught myself watching a new netflix show because it was “only 20 mins long” - this was in the middle of a task at work, thanks to an email notification from netflix :sweat_smile:

I heard about this online co-working/shadowing thing that is used by ADHDers to stay on task by virtually working along side others. I’ve looked all over google but I can’t actually find anything. - Does anybody here use a platform like this or know of any?

Basically I need an accountability buddy! If anybody’s interested…🙋


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Hi @Cat_James,

I have the same problem. Yesterday I actually visited an actual (real life) cowering space, which was very temping and a nice space. But I believe in these times to expensive for me, for I have a beautiful office of my own next to my apartment. The virtual platforms I checked out, but didn’t#t try yet. I don#t know, since you don#t know the people there, I am kind of afraid that I would find it strange not to know, if I have anything in common. I looked at fcocusmate, the common desk and WeCoffee. Check it out, I think I like focus mate best.
But after that, I actually started to look for people I can report to and share things with, like people I know. And as I said, I tried to find an actual cowering space. Which time zone do you live in?



Hi Annamaria,

I’ve been working from home since September last year and by January 2020 I had come to the realisation that I need more structure. I was all set to join an in person co-working space but then the global pandemic put a hold on that and realistically it will be a while before I can try anything in person…

Oh thank you I’ll check out your suggestions! Yeah I know what you mean though about it being with strangers and not knowing if you’ll have anything in common. I live abroad, in Italy, so I don’t really have the same network of people around me that I would have had at home… not to mention I totally get stuck in that out of sight out of mind mentality and am very inconsistent with keeping in contact with friends long distance :sweat_smile:

So I think an online accountability buddy is my best option for the moment. I live in Italy so the time zone is GMT +2 - This also makes it a little difficult to find someone as most platforms I find online are American based.


My solution to productivity at home has been to make zoom meetings with colleagues where we work on projects together her or write our performance reviews sptogetger, providing moral support and social engagement.

But two or three brains is way better than one., i find my work is better and I feel better for sharing,p. Also the anxiety drops when I have friends to help me go dhitty stuff!

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