ADHD, please leave me alone for a while


I am freaking out. I have an assignment that was due March 24th that I still have not been able to turn in. Last week I didn’t do ANY of my assignments because I just couldn’t focus. I am so behind and I need to get back quickly if I want to maintain my grades. I am graduating in May and as it stands now I will be summa cum laude but that is quickly slipping away as I am failing to do assignments on time. It is so frustrating



Do you think the pressure of being Summa Cum Laude might be contributing to your struggle? Like in the “wall of awful” video, you are afraid to let people down?

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Maybe partly, but mostly I just want to get the work done and not ruin all of the hard work I have done so far. I have straight A’s with the exception of one B.



It sounds like you’re hitting that stress point where the brain just locks up, never fun…

Have you talked to your teacher(s) about options? Especially since this one assignment is blocking your brain from getting anything else done. Most teachers/professors are pretty good with working out a plan to keep you moving forward.

Also, can you afford to just go “screw it” and take a zero on that assignment? Sacrifice it to the goal of not falling behind on everything else if it helps.