Just came across this . . .

By ADHD coaching person (with ADHD ) . . .

Not recommending or endorsing . . . Just sharing this newly discovered resource . . .

Would be interested in feedback!


I’ve listened to this Podcast often. It’s pretty good, though I prefer ADHD reWired and ADHD Essentials.

I find that the host for Attention Talk Radio can sometimes be a bit much as he clearly has ADHD himself and will sometimes talk over the guests.

I would also recommend the ADDitude ADHD Experts Podcasts which are basically recordings of their free webinars which anyone can attend. You can find out more info on the webinars here: ADHD Expert Webinars (free)

I use the Google Podcast App and I’m subscribed to all of the ones above. As well as Hacking Your ADHD but I don’t listen to that one as much.

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:+1: Thanks QL . . .