ADHD TRAVEL? Canada to Spain

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I’ve come so far since being diagnosed last year. :sunny: I found a med that works great for me after trying stimulants and non stimulants and in Canada I have full coverage for the prescription. I’m wondering if anyone has studied abroad in the EU, (bonus pts. if specifically Spain). I’m Canadian, applying for a youth mobility vista for 10 months (TBD covid of course) as an au pair if you’ve heard of that. I don’t think I will be successful without it, so hopefully I can get my Rx there. I think that I can get a Dr. note to bring 6 months, or Dr. note for the pharmacy in Spain. It’s a stimulant and I’m a foreigner so I will probably be questioned.
Rx - Vyvanse 30mg.

TLDR - Canadian going to Spain 10 months (TBD) on youth mobility visa. Can I get my Rx Vyvanse? Dx 1 year ago, could get Dr note…

Thanks <3 <3
Glad this forum is still available at the moment. It’s been a great resource throughout my journey.

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Canada or Spain . . . Please keep in touch with us here!


It will certainly depend which pharmacy you go to. If you go to a pharmacy in a tourist location they might give you the drug without prescription. Overall it’s a matter of being lucky. Otherwise you will need to get an appointment with a doctor and get a local prescription. If you’re going to Madrid or Barcelona it’s easy to find english speaking ones.

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Thank you!! This makes me feel more confident about it :smiley:

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