ADHD = Weird Attractions?


So… I’m curious if those of us with ADHD get bored with typical things and wind up with our brains trying to spice things up.

For example… I think my spouse’s feet are sexy and I have trouble not tickling them when we are lying in bed together reading books and stuff. :woozy_face:

I also think furries are cute. Yeah, I know…

I’m actually blushing as I write this. So I guess that just speaks to how much I’ve come to trust this community.

Please be gentle? :flushed:



I never understood the hate for anthropomorphized animals, furries… Although those who dress up as furries, that I don’t get.:sweat_smile: I mean, to each their own, I don’t judge, I just don’t get the dress-up part.

But I can imagine being bored easily means you look for and find other things to find attractive. Some people find tattoos exciting, etc. Makes sense at a certain level.:+1: Would be interesting to see studies on this, but there’s too little study of sex and attraction in general, let alone stuff focused on such specific (non sex-based) minorities as ADHD…



I can’t really speak for the “furry community” or anything like that as I’m rather new to it myself. I kinda get the whole dress up part since I used to be the cow mascot for a Chick-fil-A and it was a lot of fun. If it were possible to change my physical appearance into that of an animal, I don’t think I’d mind at all. But since fur suits are somewhat corny in my opinion, I don’t think I’d ever spend the money to look like a cartoon.

I think some of the hatred toward the furry community tends to also come from their tendency to enter an established community (take the gaming community for Discovery Freelancer that I used to be a part of, as an example) and insert their own subculture into it, forcing others to acknowledge them as furries in a fictional universe that really didn’t need more… oddities.

True. I hadn’t thought about that, since my spouse doesn’t have any tattoos, but I do remember being fascinated by women with lots of ink, ear piercings, and wild color hair.

I don’t know if there is too little study of sex and attraction in general; more like a shortage of meaningful studies rather than ones that are just “which positions are most popular”, etc.

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That’s what I don’t get, no one ever will look like a cartoon, so why bother trying so hard, when it’s still just a suit/costume… I guess it’s an extreme of the people who have plastic surgery to look like barbies, but without surgery being able to help, so dressing up is the best alternative? Just a guess, though.

Yeah, I think it might be that we just switch attention all the time, so we keep finding new things to be interested in and attracted to. Another reason why relationships can be hard for ADHD’ers and relationship problems (cheating, etc.) is more common?

Haha, I think you and I define ‘studies’ VERY differently…:joy: I’m not talking about questionnaires for magazines with bullshit headlines, but real, academic studies.:wink: Too few of those in general, but especially on minorities of a non-sexual nature.

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Doesn’t the question bump up against the issue of emotional self-regulation? Which (Jessica sez) ADHDers are bad at. Maybe a LOT of the neurotypical world’s members also have similar kinks and predilections, but they’re just better at … ya know … suppressing them, to the point that they never really notice them or talk about them on web-boards.