Adult adhd constant setbacks and resilience



Hi, I’m new to this but not new to ADHD I was diagnosed when I was 6, I’m now 28, and just like everything I’ve done in my life mundane task have been harder for me than the average person. This has affected my career and schooling tremendously I’ve changed jobs multiple times. I’ve failed failed and failed again abd fallin on my face more times than I care to count, my own twin brother who doesn’t have ADHD, said I was the weirdest nicest guy but I’m so weird that we wouldn’t be friends if we weren’t related. I also am really good under pressure, I’m a loyal generous friend, and son, I am usually the life of the party and the funniest person in the room without trying. I also am really good at trivia on certain subjects (Hyperfocus), I have so many great qualities, abd finding out how to exploit and use these qualities have been incredibly difficult, I have turned to drugs and alcohol and although i have fun! The truth is it can be very discouraging to try to succeed and have difficulty doing what others perceive easy. I’ve thought about giving up, however the few people I’ve been blessed with in my life family and friends, who don’t understand my life need me as much as I need them if not more, abd I’ll never give in or up just so I can prove to all these people who have doubted, abd mocked, and didn’t believe in me I’m going to prove them wrong. Because of my ADHD I am stronger and more resilient then the average person. I need advice on ways to keep myself motivated and to offset symptoms and and better self esteem. I’m so happy I found this forum if you have adhd you know what I am talking about, Thjs has been a therapy session for me, if you have ADHD like me and you feel like things are not going your way, look up get up and don’t ever give up