adult ADHD diagnosis due to children

I believe ,it is likely, that , adults especially in their mid 30s and older are diagnosed with ADHD, because their children have ADHD. Adults, especially over the age of 40, are highly unlikely, to hasve received a diagnosis as a child, awareness of ADHD was much weaker, in the last century !

Do people agree with me

The major factor causing ADHD is genetics, minor issues maybe mental health, environment and social factors.


From what I have heard and read, that is often the case. A parent might be diagnosed after their child(ren) are diagnosed, because the parent realizes that they have always had the same or similar traits that led to the child(ren)'s diagnosis.

I’m my case, none of my kids have been diagnosed as ADHD. (I have three biological children who each show some ADHD symptoms, but none seem to be very hampered by their traits, so my wife and I haven’t had them evaluated.)

I chose to get myself evaluated because I have continually dealt with the same attention-related issues at work and at home (and at school, when I was in school).

When I decided to get evaluated, I wrote a note on my phone to detail my reasons for doing so, in which I wrote the following:

  • Difficulty with focus, concentration, decision-making, remembering to do things, poor task management skills, easily distracted (“shiny…”/“Squirrel!”), somewhat impulsive, time management issues, very often late, incapable of multitasking

…As well as this commentary to myself about the feedback that I’d been getting about my work performance:

  • Negative effect on quality of work, amount of work I’m able to complete. Negative feedback that I need to improve: “pace of work” and “attention to detail” (although they haven’t told me what criteria I am being judged by).

I previously thought that I just needed to develop better self-discipline, learn better time management and organizing skills, and memory techniques.

In all my life, nobody ever outright suggested that I have ADHD. A few people who either have ADHD traits themselves (whether they were diagnosed as ADHD or not) had pointed out that they and I had similar traits. This especially went for the distractibility.

My distractibility was perhaps my most frequent “tell”, because I would often change topics 5 times within the first 10 minutes of a conversation. But my issues with time management, organization, planning & prioritization, and working memory are what seem to have had a negative effect on me in college and career. It’s not they I can’t do things (I can do a lot of things because I am generally smart, capable, and highly adaptive), it is just that I can’t do the necessary things consistently enough.


The way I call it I was just starting high school around 1980 when ADHD was tabled in the DSM, it wasn’t till the 90s that it was ‘a thing’ they looked for, mainly in der kinder/children. So yeah, can’t get that cut up about not being assessed any earlier.

Same, my kids for any of their minor episodes are doing alright, and I guess mostly my wife and sometimes I have tried hard to give them good self esteem and coping strategies so hopefully they’ll get on ok.

<vent on> Mind you they are giving me grief for even wanting to investigate medication options. <vent off>

I only had one item that made me investigate anything: ‘emotional dysregulation’ at home was getting out of control, so I guess indirectly just having ‘children’ made me get a diagnosis.

gtg, have fun!

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