After my diagnosis it all clicked


Hi everyone,

I’m really glad to find a group of people I caye commiserate/celebrate with!

My name is Charles I was diagnosed at 33 years young. From there I spent two years doing nothing about it, then I discovered how to ADHD last year and it was like “HOLY SHIT” and suddenly a lot of the things that have challenged me made sense. Overnight I started using strategies with the knowledge that I had ADHD, and that things were just going to be harder, so I had to do things differently and it’s really made a huge difference.

I’m not on meds atm, I didn’t have a great experience with the one I tried (Concerta), and at that time the psychiatrist I was seeing was very focussed on my work productivity, but I really wanted help to be reliable for my wife and kids. Currently I’m looking for something new.

The newest adventure is that I’m seeing the same behaviours in our daughter. I’m determined to understand and support her better, so we are working on getting a diagnosis. Part of the challenge is getting my wife to understand her.

Thanks for listening to me!



Yay! Hi New Brain! (I’m a new brain, too!) I had the same reactions to How to ADHD’s videos! I binged like dozens in the last like 1-2 weeks. Everything I saw after I was diagnosed was like “WOAH! That’s SO me!”

I dealt with the same thing, getting diagnosed at 30. I wasn’t “officially” diagnosed until 3 weeks ago, but we suspected it for a while. My brother had it, so, it made it much more likely that it was true. That thing with your daughter about seeing it in her? That was my whole family about each other after my brother was diagnosed… We were all like “Omg, I think we all have it!” :grimacing::crazy_face::dizzy_face::open_mouth:
I just got on meds, they put me Adderall, which is helpful so far, but I feel a lil dizzy after my second daily dose. (but a whole work day with little distractions and NO facebook? A miracle I say!) But it’s only day 1. :boom::eyes::woman_shrugging:
One thing I’ve been trying is How to ADHD’s suggestions on building routines and organization. I think I was trying to fight it so hard until I realized my brain literally needed it, and that routine wasn’t a 4-letter word. Daisy-Chaining one habit to another is something I’m going to try this week, to build routine. I have been able to remember small things like brushing my teeth that way. It’s helpful. Also, color-coded to-do lists are amazing. LOL

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Hah the binge is real. The reason I was like “ok this lady knows her shit” was that she was talking about a lot of the strategies that I had adopted over the years. I then watch all the videos. There’s a deep irony in procrastinating by watching adhd videos.

I think I’ve been nervous about making adhd part of my identity, but accepting it really has helped.



This is seriously the only way I get things done most days. If you can link something to a physical action (like getting up in the morning, coming home from work, etc) it works so much better for habit building!

This was me in the reverse with my parents, yeah. First time going home for a visit after being on meds and it was like “… oh” Much luck!

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Omg, SAME! Me and my brother are trying to get my parents to both get tested… I think it may take a while… they know they prob both have it, but are dragging thier feet. I can’t blame them… i did the same thing, LOL. PROCRASTINATION!



I’ve “encouraged” my bro to look into it (in that way that it was a “next time you’re on a research binge, give it a look.” since I know he won’t actually listen to me on it because he has to form his own opinions because we are the clan of the Loud and Stubborn. Of course, he also thinks depression is just “being sad” and nono, he can’t have depression, he’s not sad he’s just not feeling any joy in the things he once liked and is tired all the time and has deep apathy for everything. /tears hair out)

Dad just flat out shrugs off the suggestion (even though holy crap, when he was talking about him in school growing up it’s painfully textbook hyperactive-type) Mom… rejected the idea that I had it when she had it pointed out to her, so… she hasn’t had a problem with me having a proper diagnosis and I did point out it runs in families, but my parents are in their 60s, retired and… not likely to look into things.

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I see all the behaviorist in my dad, but it just didn’t seem to cause negative disruptions for him? Like he was just unbelievably smart and unbelievably hard working and he didn’t sit in front of a computer all day. (He was a Large animal vet).

Otoh he has purchased plane Tickets for the wrong day (multiple times!) once he just forgot to leave for a trip he planned for us, he can sit for hours idly clicking on around a screen. He regularly says “I’m going to the store” and you find him working on some
Project that caught his eye on the way out.

It feels like it’s worse for me in many ways, but maybe it’s just the world we live in? More distractions, more screen time etc? I dunno



See my dad always was in front of the computer, but that’s because he’s a computer programer. :smile:

And yeah, there have been studies showing that there are more and more demands for our attention and there’s definitely a “always on call” culture that’s snuck in where people believe that the have to always answer their phone and always respond instantly to emails/messages/etc else… something social faux pas something something. More and more media now focuses on smaller and smaller blocks of holding your attention and faster and faster pacing… So attention spans across the board are shorter, for the most part.



Lol that’s what I do now! It’s a blessing and a curse. I can sink into an interesting problem and just not see the light of day for a long time, but a boring task is just not going to happen.