Alarm Clock suggestions?


Hello all! I’m currently looking for a good alarm clock to help me get up in the morning. On top of having very unstable and often unhealthy sleeping habits (I’m sure a lot here can relate), I’m a very heavy sleeper and have trouble waking up on time even when I do manage to get good rest (usually because by then I’m catching up on missed sleep). A lot of mornings I’ll either sleep straight through very loud alarms or briefly become conscious but immediately fall back asleep. And right now something seems to have broken with my current radio alarm (I may have accidentally dropped it off its shelf one too many times), it’s only playing very softly and no longer of any use for waking up.

While I know that working on my sleeping habits is the best long-term solution for this, this has been a struggle for my entire life so far, and probably always will be. The knowledge that waking up is hard and that being late to work can be a big problem (I was almost fired from my job at one point) makes going to bed especially stressful and makes it really difficult for me to stop doing whatever is occupying my brain in the evening until I become too exhausted to do anything and collapse on my bed (by which point it’s already like 3 am, and sometimes I have to wake up at 5am).

Therefore, on the short term, I’m hoping that finding a good alarm clock will help at least alleviate the stress about being late by making waking up on time more reliable and normal. Shopping around online for this is on my to-do list for this weekend, but I thought I’d also ask here because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these kinds of difficulties. Does anyone have a specific type or model of alarm clock that they found helped getting them up in the morning? I’ve heard of alarm clocks that light up the room; that would probably be good for me to try given that I sleep in a basement where there’s not a whole lot of daylight, even when it’s nice and bright outside.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated! :slight_smile:


I had a Phillips alarm clock that had a daylight lamp in. It would gradually brighten until it was time for the alarm. I found that it worked fairly well until it decided to start turning the radio on at random times of the day.

I’ve used my phone/tablet since then, and usually my Google Home Mini. Google Home is nice because I can set/modify my alarm without taking my head off of my pillow. It also allows multiple alarms. Info about Google alarms

I’ve also used an Android app that would ask you math questions to disable it, or other safeguards. From my experience, there’s no foolproof way from stopping myself from falling back asleep unintentionally. Luckily it doesn’t happen too much these days.

In university (years ago) I started using two alarms for exams or other critical times. The first alarm was the “this is when you should get up” alarm. The second one was the “if you’re hearing this, then you’ve slept too late and you barely have enough time” alarm.


Yeah, I’ve used my phone in conjunction with a radio for a while now. The radio usually works to keep me awake because if I’m conscious enough to listen to people talking, it’s extremely difficult for me to ignore it and to fall back asleep… but for that I need to be awake enough to register what they’re saying. I’ve had up to four different alarms go off on my phone at various intervals, but some mornings it just doesn’t seem to be enough to wake me up, since they’re not all that loud.

I’m definitely more and more interested in those lamp-type alarms. I may just give it a shot.

Thanks for your reply!


It might help to put the alarm far away from your bed so that you physically have to get up. And also those apps that make you do something in order for the alarm to stop might be good as StillADHD suggested.


Yeah, this is something I’ve tried in the past and unfortunately, what usually happens is that I simply sleep through the alarm completely. I actually rarely hit the snooze button because I’m usually not awake enough to do so. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the suggestion though!


Sometimes when I really need to wake up (for something very important) I ask a friend to Phone me and wait until I answer. It helps:sunglasses:
But then you need to wake up. Trying to fix the sleep pattern might help more, already on short notice.


Yep, I’ve done that before… but these days my schedule often asks that I get up at 5am, and I just don’t know anyone who is up at that time hahaha (and one time, my ex offered to do that but then it took me 40 minutes to answer her and she never wanted to do it again! I don’t blame her of course :slight_smile: )

I absolutely agree that working on my sleep schedule is the best thing to do to help myself. The alarm clock is more of a bandage solution… but I’m hoping it’ll help make going to sleep less stressful.


I can’tuse a regular alarm clock. I’ve just had way too many problems with them.

My phone is my best alarm clock.

I had some success with a phone alarm that would only let me turn it off after I drew the right pattern on the screen. I changed phones, and never got that alarm app back.

I usually hit the snooze button a few times to give me a chance to slowly wake up. But too many times, I’ve woken up an hour late for work, with no idea why my alarm didn’t go off. I’ve worked out that I’ve hit the ‘off’ button by accident, instead of the ‘snooze’ button, gone back to sleep and not remembered doing it.

Really, I should have another look for that pattern on the screen alarm app.


I use my phone and i switch alarm music every few days. That is the only way i can get up… if i forget to swap tracks my brain ignores it and i will sleep until i woke up naturally. Someone talking or calling your name is even better, if you can solve that.

Or get a cat and forget to feed him/her before you fall asleep :smiley:


Herbal laxatives that take 8-12 hours to kick in, as long as I can remember to take them on time, they get me up on time :).

Have been using it for the past few months:

Upsides: you get out of bed at about the time you want to, healthy colon, fewer toxins for the human body to deal with (could lead to more energy for brain since the liver doesn’t need as much and fewer toxins messing with brain - not a doctor though - so don’t quote me on that), don’t need to go to bathroom all day after

Downsides: underdosing can lead to prolonged need for the bathroom, and higher dosing can lead to cramping, and make you want to go lie down (and likely fall asleep again after), takes a little time to find a good balance.

Don’t want to break the rules and suggest a specific product that I use, but happy to share the name if asked.

Otherwise, have tried: Phillips hue bulbs with auto color changes etc. (blue light therapy), alarm clocks across from my bed, next to my bed with a vibrating component that hit my metal bed frame, custom spotify playlists played on klipsch speakers to be timed for calming music when I wanted to sleep (e.g. for 6,7,8,9 hours) and heavy EDM for when I wanted to get up. I found my roommates hated all of those methods, since they would get up and I wouldn’t. The klipsch speakers were most successful, if nobody else could turn it off in the middle of the night. They could also keep me entertained during my morning routine :slight_smile:


We had one of those Philips day light alarm clocks; the light didn’t seem to help wake me up (and we live somewhere where we rarely have to get up before it’s light out anyway). The Hue bulbs are great for the automation, color changes and all, but wouldn’t wake me up.

I use Apple Watch and sleep with it. For me the alarm clock works great. It’s quiet so it rarely wakes up my spouse if I have to get up first.

If I really have to get up on a schedule I worry I won’t wake from it so I set my phone to ring loudly a few minutes after, but it’s basically never that I don’t wake from the watch first.

If I don’t really really have to get up, I am super prone to just turning over and continuing sleep. I don’t think that can be fixed by a louder alarm clock though, that’s more like finding the right motivation to get your brain in gear to get up.

For me having to catch a flight works well. I travel a fair bit and haven’t missed a flight for many years. Also if I need to help the children with something, everything else including being on time for work is … well … usually works, sometimes probably not.


It sounds like your situation is very similar to mine, alarm clocks on there own don’t tend to wake me up. but I read about a native American trick which was used before the invention of alarm clocks, if they needed to be awake early they would drink lots of water before they slept, and the urge to “go” would wake them up.
It really works for me, and when I combine with the alarm, most days I can get up with just enough time to get to work on slightly late :joy:


I pick k a song I like so I don’t want to shut it off


In a Australia we call this the poor man’s alarm clock. Quite different to the poor man’s sleeping pill :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Now I’m curious, what is the poor man’s sleeping pill?


If you think about it, I’m sure you’ll work it out.


I didnt have the budget for a light up alarm so I used an outlet timer and a lamp. For the alarm, I use the sleep as android app bc of its extensive feature set. I wouldn’t mind having a clock radio for a backup alarm, though.


I can get used to every “wake up” sounds, and i can take a nap any time… on the sun, middle of the day? Sure, i can take a nap :slight_smile: So the light stuff is a big “might work” for me. My suggestion, works well: use your phone and change the track every few days. So you wont get used to it, and ignore it. Or ask someone with a nice voice to record a “xy(your name), wake up!”. Since name calling works good as a wake-up tool!


For me its my apple watch. It taps me on the arm and beeps at me. And i can snooze it with one eye open. As long as you dont end the alarm its persistent. I probably snooze 3 times before i am ready but its a gentle persistant wake up so i generaly feel fairly ok when i do get up.