alcohol makes me an emotional time bomb

so i was just curious if anyone else reacts negatively to alcohol? (i mean probably everyone if you drink enough lol) i have noticed that if i am upset about pretty much anything big or small prior to drinking, then it’s basically good luck dealing with the emotional explosion i become… hehe… personally, i am choosing to give up drinking because i came sort of close to cheating on my boyfriend last weekend…
ok let me explain though! i swear i would never want to cheat on him! i was slightly upset with him before i started drinking, and then something else upset me after i had a few (i don’t remember what it was) and i went nuts! i am extremely sensitive to rejection, and depending the circumstances i either get very anger or very sad if i am triggered by the feeling of being rejected! (side note when i say “feeling of being rejected”- emphasis on “the feeling” part because to me it can feel like someone is rejecting me if they forget to say hi to me. the simplest things can make me feel rejected, and the other part to it, is for some reason, i get this almost nauseous-y/ butterfly feeling in my stomach/ chest area. like it physically hurts, don’t know if i’m like super weird, but reallllllly hoping someone relates…) alcohol (and not taking medication) makes this and honestly any emotion wayyy more intense! could be because it is paired with other impairments as well (walking can even become difficult) but again, just hoping someone else sorta gets what i’m referring to! it sucks because all my friends drink, and none of them seem to have as hard of a time handling themselves as myself! of course they have had there share of bad nights, but nothing like some of the horrible nights i have had and definitely not as high of a ratio between bad and good nights…!
anywhooo, just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar and has been able to control it or if i just need to give up on trying to hold it together at parties and take up knitting!
oh and so sorry to leave you hanging- my boyfriend is a very very patient guy. god bless him. upon recognizing my impulse actions at the party, and after a few failed attempts at reasoning with me, he safely took me home and put me to bed and we discussed the matter in the morning. i still feel so freaking bad and have spent two days crying in bed now… definitely not worth it lol!

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Personally, I have found that the type of alcohol I drink makes a huge difference in my ability to handle myself. I don’t know if this is an adhd thing or not… I have found that I absolutely cannot do most hard liquor. And certainly not in high quantities. I have a strict no tequila rule. I have done some really stupid things on tequila. I do best with a glass or two of wine, max. (The amount makes a big difference for me too) I think alcohol can amplify emotions for everyone, adhd or not. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s causing a problem in your life/work/relationships then it’s worth considering going without it or cutting back. Of course that’s a decision only you can make. It sounds like you have a very supportive boyfriend. That’s awesome! Impulsivity can be hard to control, but I think it is possible with some care taken to focus on the bigger picture like how awesome and patient someone is with us! :slight_smile: It helps a lot for me to remember all the things my hubby has done for me over the years, not just how he is making me feel “in the moment.” I hope that makes sense and is helpful :slight_smile:

I’m a teetotaler. I almost never drink. Too many alcoholics in my family. I suspect I have an addictive personality, so I have actively avoided substances that could be abused. Not to mention that ADHD brains are more likely to abuse substances, too. Plus all my experiences drinking were unpleasant. That is to say, I seriously dislike the way I feel when tipsy or drunk. I don’t like feeling out of control of myself. It also makes me more impulsive and emotional.

So yeah, I pretty much don’t touch the stuff.

Under 21 (under 18 as well xD) so I’ve never drunk but of what they’ve told me in school, a lot of the ‘positive effects’ of drinking are placebo effects. So you don’t need to drink to have a good time!

Hey there glad to hear it worked out with your bf. I can tell you that I wholeheartedly identify with all the feelings you described in your post. That nauseus butterfly feeling when feeling rejected or anything that puts me on high alert. I can also tell you that alcohol always made it worse. No matter how much it would make the emotions worse. Though in full disclosure I’m an alcoholic and I haven’t had a drink in over eight years and I’m not saying that there’s no way for you to find a happy medium. I have no idea if that exists or not given my issue was that I never stayed in an area that would be considered medium for very long.

But I definitely experienced a lot of bad nights. I would just rotate through extreme emotions from being happy and the life of the party to an absolute mess of tears then go around hugging peole telling them how much I love them. Thankfully anger never really cropped up.

All in all know that you’re not weird for having these experiences. I’m right there with you in feeling rejection accutely and physically. I get overwhelmed by them routinely. The thing that always helps me in dealing with them is to stop and ask myself what it is that I’m actually feeling. Being rigorously honest and asking what it is that hurts and that I’m trying to avoid. This usually turns up something that I can recognize as largely inconsequential. Sometimes that helps the feelings go away sometimes not. But it always helps me to decide on what actions to take.

Reading this i think it might be linked to ADHD.
I had similar symptoms in the past. And they got more frequent in the last 2 years.
Everytime i drink alcohol all my emotions get amplified to a point where its probably not healthy anymore.
Like… i either crush 10x more on a girl than i normally would, or i get super sad if there is something that is remotely “not good” right now.

This recently led me to not drink as much (1 beer max per evening), and honestly: i feel a lot better.
If my friends wanna go party, i just hit the bar with em, until they leave for the club. That’s where the night ends for me. I’m 26 btw.
And i think this was the right choice. Alcohol can do some weird shit to me, and afterwards i’m almos always feeling down (and i’m not talking about the hangover here).