Also a straterra question too sorry


So ok straterra. I tried straterra in my 20s, when Wellbutrin stopped really helping me. My psychiatrist started me on a very low dose, I don’t remember how much. And then she built it up gradually, which sounds like the norm. She had samples of each dosage so that she didn’t have to write me a rx every week. It seemed to help! I think. So she wrote me an rx for a full dosage and sent me on my way, only for me to find out there was no generic yet and I couldn’t afford it. So off straterra I went. Last year a generic became available! I was so excited! I asked me dr at the time about it and he said he could write me a rx, but he didn’t know how much to start me out with (I no longer see this doctor). So he started me on 25 mg, to take once a day. I had no side effects on brand name straterra, so I took one and went to work. I was so nauseous and dizzy that my husband had to drive me home from our office. I kept trying, and kept feeling bad, but slightly less so each day. But I also saw no change in my focus. I was supposed to start taking it twice daily but never did because I didn’t want to get sick again.

Tl;dr does 25mg sound like a typical starting dose for straterra? Is it possible the generic is to blame? I know I should be asking a psychiatrist but the wait for a psychiatrist is like two months on my insurance so I want to talk to my new, mich more receptive doctor at my appointment next week.

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I was diagnosed almost z year ago and went on Strattera 25 mg, right up to 80mg, but when i first took a tablet, I was sick and had nausea and needed to sleep, but that passes after z few days and you should really try taking it with food, because if I take it on its own, if never ever goes well, but thd meds have given me focus once I got to the 80mg, seems to be my correct doseage, never tried any other meds for my ADHD, turned 40 this year too so been s bit of a rollercoaster since my diagnosis in March 2018!

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Hello @aquamarinemoon
Sorry for the kinda of late reply. Just want to share my experience with stratera.

It almost goes the same for me as for @Gar, only started with 40mg then went also to 80.
It wasn’t easy for me to start, I also felt dizzy and wanted to sleep really bad, I skiped a month but my psychiatrist told it was the best option for my situation. It took long to get used to but eventually I managed it. I also agree with @Gar, always take it with food. Didn’t knew there we’re generic options available! I really need to check that, it would be nice if I could save a few bits.

Hope you’re doing fine! Best wishes!



In regards for me… my Dr. Has me on Wellbutrin and increased the dose today, and adding 18mg of staterra… pharmacy didn’t want to fill the Rx. Said there was a interaction…
And my Dr. Spoke to me about it requesting my lab work and for me to get a EKG asap. This week… So he can determine and correct dose as needed
But he is feeling that this combo is what i need…
We went over all side affects . The only one he said that was a concern is if i actually vomited… if in that case to take my meds to hospital and let them know i vomited and he said they would administer a injection and call him… he seems very confident and is well known ADHD doctor.
other than that… nausea wasn’t a concern to him, nor the rest dry mouth, loss of appetite (which would be great) and rapid heart rate​:heartbeat::running_woman::running_woman:… so we’ll see…
Signing off Guinea pig here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I hope I can regain focus.