Also a straterra question too sorry


So ok straterra. I tried straterra in my 20s, when Wellbutrin stopped really helping me. My psychiatrist started me on a very low dose, I don’t remember how much. And then she built it up gradually, which sounds like the norm. She had samples of each dosage so that she didn’t have to write me a rx every week. It seemed to help! I think. So she wrote me an rx for a full dosage and sent me on my way, only for me to find out there was no generic yet and I couldn’t afford it. So off straterra I went. Last year a generic became available! I was so excited! I asked me dr at the time about it and he said he could write me a rx, but he didn’t know how much to start me out with (I no longer see this doctor). So he started me on 25 mg, to take once a day. I had no side effects on brand name straterra, so I took one and went to work. I was so nauseous and dizzy that my husband had to drive me home from our office. I kept trying, and kept feeling bad, but slightly less so each day. But I also saw no change in my focus. I was supposed to start taking it twice daily but never did because I didn’t want to get sick again.

Tl;dr does 25mg sound like a typical starting dose for straterra? Is it possible the generic is to blame? I know I should be asking a psychiatrist but the wait for a psychiatrist is like two months on my insurance so I want to talk to my new, mich more receptive doctor at my appointment next week.


I was diagnosed almost z year ago and went on Strattera 25 mg, right up to 80mg, but when i first took a tablet, I was sick and had nausea and needed to sleep, but that passes after z few days and you should really try taking it with food, because if I take it on its own, if never ever goes well, but thd meds have given me focus once I got to the 80mg, seems to be my correct doseage, never tried any other meds for my ADHD, turned 40 this year too so been s bit of a rollercoaster since my diagnosis in March 2018!