Always Getting Sooooooo Bored of Work and Studying!!


Does anyone else here have the same problem?

I have had countless different jobs in my life. I usually start with being very excited and enthusiastic about what I’m doing, and that results with me being very good at what I do and getting a lot of praise. Until, usually about 3 months in I suddenly lose all interest and become so bored I literally can’t get myself out of bed to go to work anymore! I feel sorry for myself and feel like I’m letting my employers and coworkers down because they’re used to me overachieving and suddenly I’m very much the opposite…

This has happened many times and I’ve lost so many jobs because of it! And the same thing has happened to me every time I’ve tried to study anything too.

I’m currently struggling with the same thing. I’ve been working at a night club and it’s better paid work than what I’ve done before so I feel like I really want to be able to see it through and somehow keep the job, but I just get so incredibly bored at work that I would prefer doing anything else!!!
Every night for about a week now I’ve been planning to go to work, getting ready and everything, until just before I need to leave I think of something else I’d rather do and just end up not going and calling in sick…

I’m just getting very frustrated with myself at this point!! I know that in the long-term I need to find work that’s more interesting for me, I do notice that when I do freelance work that allows me to travel and work at different places and with different people every day I tend to enjoy doing it for much longer! :slight_smile: But sometimes there’s no choice other than to do boring work, but even then I’m finding it extremely hard to actually do it…

Has anyone here experienced the same thing? Have you thought of anything that helps?


Hiya @Violet,
Im Andy and i have done the same things that you wrote about and its hard to explain too regular people whats going on in our heads… i cant stay in a job for more than a year, i need to just move to another company but being self employed myself it looks like 8m chasing the money and in my job being a carpenter by trade but installing new conservatorys , doors and windows nothing gets noticed but i do get soooo bored with the ssme people mainly in the yard and the same routine … so i change company… once i worked for 3 differnt firms at once testing each one out over a six week period … i had 3 different vans parked outside my house and while testing one i would be on holiday with tje other 2 firms… Safestyle – ANGLIAN – and EVEREST after my hypofocused testing i chose Anglian LOL​:joy::joy: my ex partner thought i was insane … but it kept me happy lol