Always late to school

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Most of my days I end up being 1 to 6 minutes late to school. A lot of the time it’s due to homework in the morning or just simple poor time management skills. Is this relatable? If so can people describe their experience? Last year I got yelled at by my band teacher who is first. So it was a really big deal last year and a little bit this year I just don’t wanna feel so alone.

I can assure you, you’re definitely not alone. I’m much older than school age, but as a schoolie I was late pretty much every day. No one did anything about it except reprimand me and give me detentions. As an adult, I’m still chronically late. I’ve tried various techniques from setting all the clocks in my house fifteen minutes too fast, to getting up three hours before I need to be at work.
My life saver at the moment is my phone… when I’m not distracting myself by using it to post on forums! I have alarms for quite literally everything but it keeps me on track.
For me it was a trial and error thing. Finding an app that worked in the first place, then finding one to replace it when it no longer motivates me! I’m using Brili at the moment. As recommended by How To ADHD. So far so good.
Have no fear, you’re one of millions of late people. As a blatant “up yours” to all those who complained about me being late throughout my life, I fully intend to be late for my own funeral so I can keep them all waiting at the end! Ha!! They won’t be able to complain at me that time though!

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Even today I’ve been late, I’m 19.

You’re definitely not alone with this. I have a morning routin, but there’s always something, like my Bike won’t start, or break down while driving, miss the bus, wrist watch set a few minutes wrong.
I do take medication, but I assume that I should take it super early, so I could manage the time better. (Because in the Morning you’re usually (at least in my case), not on any medication.)

I literally used to buy bagels for my 0 hour class and tell my teacher the line was long. she didn’t mark me down. it was an expensive way to graduate, but it worked lol

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@EmmaForever BTW I totally don’t recommend that as the way to do it.

You aren’t alone.

I know Jessica’s videos mention her taking her meds 30 minutes before she needed to get out of bed.

Yeah yeah totally. I haven’t been diagnosed yet, so no meds or coaching or stuff like that. I just don’t want to go to the doctor and have them tell me that I’m just lazy and I don’t actually have adhd. So I’m trying to relate my symptoms to others.

@EmmaForever Worth going if you can to get tested. The fact that you are concerned tells me you aren’t lazy, and there may be strategies that could help you.

ADHD or something else, if you know what it is, it is easier to tackle it. :slight_smile: I hope you find some strategies that work. Find a few because the ones that work this week, may not work next week.

May the force be with you!

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I used to be always late but somewhere along the way I figured out that my two main problem were 1) I was always trying make use of every minute so if I had two free minutes before I had to leave, I’d start something new and invariably it would take too long. 2) I would not budget time for little things like putting shoes on or finding my books or keys or whatever. Over time I have managed to mostly overcome these two habits + I budget extra 5-15 minutes depending on driving distance or traffic etc.

So one thing I would suggest is to make a mental note later in the day what made you late and what you can do different the next day to not be late.

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For me things that I have found helpful include:

  • setting up things like clothes, bag, snacks, shoes, keys/phone, etc. the night before so I don’t have to do it in the morning
  • I drink coffee, so I set my coffee machine on a timer so it starts when I get up and the sound of it is like a second alarm
  • In the past I’ve set multiple alarms on my phone
  • If I wake up early (say 15-30 minutes early) I just stay up and don’t try to squeeze in more sleep; the extra time helps me
  • I always try to get to places at least 30 minutes early so I have a buffer; I’ve tried setting my clocks fast in the past but that just ends up making it more confusing when working with other people
  • I try to avoid distractions in the morning; I don’t listen to music, don’t watch anything on TV; I save all that until I’m on my way; like, I’ll listen to music and podcasts while driving
  • Also, it can be helpful to communicate if time management is a struggle

One of the things Jessica has suggested, if you take medication, is to consider waking up and taking your dose 30 minutes early so it can begin helping sooner and maybe help get you out the door. If you’re not on medication, maybe some of the things above. It can also be useful to keep a log of why you were late. “Today I was late because…” Maybe it was you had to feed the cat, or you forgot your shoes, or your shower ran long. Whatever the case, that can help. Once you know what’s getting you the most behind you can adjust. Maybe you set a timer for how long your showers are, maybe you feed the cat the night before, or maybe you sleep in your clothes and shoes if needed.

It can actually be a fun mini-game trying to get faster and faster. And the more time I save in the morning the more time I get to “goof off” or do things I enjoy before I do things that I “have to.”