Am I Lazy, Stupid, Messy, Flaky? ADHD



Every time I watch one of your videos I tear up. Every time.


I watched this video today, Ironically i have my exam period starting tomorrow. I nearly cried watching it because it was so me, it feels validating to know that it is not a personal failing i have as a human being. I have to remember that and work with what I have and accommodate my ADHD.


That bit where she mentions even her husband thinking “What if I’m just lazy?” Hit me kinda hard tbh. Like that pretty much perfectly summed up the reason I’m scared to seek professional help.


You & me both.


Yeah, I had the same concern even as I got diagnosed. Try to not let it stop you!


I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it checked out at some point in the future but rn I’m not in a position where I can so… yeah. It’s on my To Do list lol.


Just watched this video… So good, my family makes me feel this way even though I know I’m doing all I can.


How do you get your family (well, in-laws) to understand? “You’re just lazy. You’ve been avoiding any and all work since we’ve known you.” Even when I do help them, I get criticism because I didn’t do it the exact way they wanted it done. My husband is just as bad and he has autism, so it seems like he should understand better than anyone else how a disability can affect your life. I’ve tried talking to him about this and explaining this, (“there’s a difference between laziness and lack of motivation” etc.) but he just sticks to “You’re lazy. Just admit it!”