An ADHD college student

Hello! Just another new person here! I have struggled with ADHD my whole life. Still trying to figure out how to get through college with it…little bit hard. Sadly for me it does come with side happenings like anxiety and depression. Haven’t really figured out why that happens…but thought this is a good place to start. But I’m Amber, an overly tired college student. Nice to meet you all!.

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Hi! I’m V., an overly tired university student who just pulled an all-nighter - I feel you. A lot.

Welcome to the tribe! :smile:

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I just started college. School has always been difficult so I understand.

Going through college without any knowledge you have ADHD looks like this:

  • 9 years of college, spread out over 22 years
  • Attended 5 schools (2 different universities and 3 community colleges)
  • Changed majors 5 times
  • I have way more credits than are needed for a bachelor’s degree, but not enough of the credits I need to graduate (most are lower division credits, not enough upper division)

To sum it up:
5 schools, 5 majors, 9 years of school over a 22 year period, and zero degrees

I wish I could go back and start over, even just with the knowledge that I have ADHD. My medication, atomoxetine, didn’t exist in 1993 when I first started college, so if I’d been diagnosed then I’d have been on Ritalin. (I’ve never tried Ritalin, so I don’t know how it would affect me.)