An ambient noise generator website that can help you focus, meditate, or sleep. Helped me focus and study for and pass one of my finals so far.


Welp, I just found my new favorite website.

I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot work in dead silence because my brain will always drift off into thought or I’ll get insanely bored. I found this site just a few days ago, and for once, I was actually able to sit down and study for a final without that much procrastination.

Hell, there’s even a section made for people with ADHD:

(And as a bonus: IT’S FREE. The creator of the site only asks for donations. He just saved my computer science grade.)

Edit: Correction – The creator of the site is a he.


Thank you for sharing! Here are some sounds I use: Chill song Nature for study, sleep or as background noise Blizzard, winter storm New link to the winter blizzard, maybe the Spotify link does not work (?) : Winter blizzard


Ooh, those are very pretty lights.

Yeah, listening to music without lyrics or ambient sounds help me focus more. One might catch me occasionally listening to stuff like this.


Powerfull music, wow!


Wow that is one relaxing site. I wish I would have discovered that when I was studying in high school and college. I usually used video game music to study with. This could still be useful when I eventually go back for my masters. Thanks for sharing this👍


I’m in the middle of studying for finals for my last semester and this is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. I love the Gregorian chants for meditation and tin roof rain for studying.


This website is AMAZING. Thanks for posting it!!!


You’re welcome. Glad to be of assistance. c:

Good luck, fellow final-doer. c: I agree, the Gregorian chants are amazing. Makes me feel like I’m going through Skyrim. xD

You’re welcome. c: Glad to help others find useful websites like this.


Thank you so much! This is awesome!!


You’re welcome, Adam! Glad it could help you, too. c:


Thanks so much! I haven’t made it past the recommendation of Gregorian Chants. SO relaxing! Thanks @Termy thanks @rainyseason


This site is great :smile: i’ve been using it for isochronic tones and binaural beats lately and they magically work. Delta waves, as an example, tend to make me really sleepy so i do activate them in the background and overlap them with calming, soothing music. I’d recommend it happily :kissing_heart:


Thank you! Silence kills any work mood I had going.


I came across thgis the other day via Brian Eno’s Twitter and meant to post it here. Good thing @Termy was way ahead of me.

I’m not really one for the ambient noises - I like a bit of musicality to keep that part of my brain busy. Got a pretty good soundscape by combining the African Trance player with some of the synth sounds, though.