i have an anagram game on my phone and ive noticed how i really struggle to find the words that i cant associate with a visualisation like start, stop, through etc but when i can associate a word with a picture its amazing, i actually get the image before i find the word, i get a picture in my head then i try and find the word i can associate with it, i dont know how normal this is or of its another adhd or dyslexia superpower :joy:

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I’m much the same way. If I can visualize a concept which can be seen or felt (physical or emotional), and I can see the anagram letters, then I’m much more likely to come up with the word.

  • This physical “feeling” sensation for my also includes proprioception (internal sensations, like muscle feedback and hunger).
  • Other sensations (hearing, taste, smell) to me aren’t at strong in my visualisation ability (and word-association skill).

Purely conceptual ideas are much, much harder for me to find the words in my head. I’m primarily a visual-spatial thinker, and almost as much an emotive/empathic feeler & thinker.

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i think ive told you this before but i had that sensation with a wild mushroom i saw a while back when i was out walking, my impulsive side told me to eat it, then as i imagined myself eating it, i started to feel physically sick so obviously i didn’t.
its amazing how our brains work if you only stop to think about it, i wonder how different the subconscious side of the brain is with adhd, difficult to test i imagine, as obviously as soon as you start thinking about it, it becomes a conscious thought.
like with the anagram game, if i try and picture the image before i find the word, it doesn’t work because its the conscious part of my brain working, so i cant actively test how good my subconscious brain is at finding these images.