And THEN.... I got distracted.


I made an intro post, talked with a few fellow fun brains, then… got distracted and forgot to check the replies that came after the first half hour. You have no idea what that’s like, right? :wink:

Anyway… anyone on Twitter? I’d like to surround myself with more people who understand how my brain works, so in general, I’d love to connect with all of you as much as I can. AND… NEW FRIENDS! Yay! :slight_smile: You can find me wherever online with this same screen name.

So my fun ADHD story of the day… I did GREAT today – until lunch. And I realized… I didn’t restock my supply of things women need sometimes… once a month… CHOCOLATE, I AM TALKING ABOUT CHOCOLATE. :laughing: … So I was like, “no big deal, I will go to the store.” And THEN… I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Did I misplace it? No. It was sitting at home. On my couch. Right where I left it after purchasing a ticket I need for this weekend. My small victory? My card made it BACK into the wallet. But the wallet never made it back into my bag. :roll_eyes: I was doing so good – but then I got distracted, and I lived on the $10 bill I stuffed in my pocket after picking it up off the floor when it flew out of the dryer… because of course I’d forgotten to empty my pockets when I washed my jeans. But had I emptied my pockets, I wouldn’t have that $10 to get me through the day. So, I win again. Yay!

How was your day? Be good to yourself. :heart:



My Twitter handle: @joshuamneff

We were scheduled to have a staff meeting at work today. The fun committee, which I’m on, decided to make it a soup potluck. Then we got a crazy winter storm last night, so I put off making the soup because I wasn’t sure if we’d be open today. Well, we are, but opening late. But the staff meeting is canceled. One of my fellow fun committee members said she’s still bringing her soup, so I figured I could quickly make mine in my instant pot before work. Except I got distracted, I haven’t even started it, and I need to leave for work soon. Like, right after I finish this comment.