And we’re off and racing...

Started Ritalin today at mega low dose of 5mg bid. I know it’s only day 1, but holy Dooley was I ever a whirling dervish. Normally, even on good days of getting things done, I’ll spend at least a few hours lying on my bed browsing social media, looking stuff on the interwebz, and being foggy and distracted about how the day will go.
Today, I got up at 7am, and 13 hours later stopped long enough to look at this forum. Not only did I get my stuff done, but was actively looking to get my wife’s and mother-in-law’s jobs done. And it wasn’t “speedy”; just like, “ok, what needs to be done around the house now. I could do x. Yep, let’s get it done.”
There’s no way that’s gunna last, righhhtt???


Yes and no. My days are no longer as spectacular as that first experience of sitting down to work and, well, working! But there is definitely a new normal that is a whole lot more productive than the old one.

Someone called adhd pills to ‘time pills’ and it really did feel like that! I am not the wonderwoman I felt like on day one but it’s way better than it used to be. And I can notice more easily if I am falling back into my old ways, and work out something to change to help me get back on track. Which might still take me weeks or months to do, but a few weeks of being underproductive every now and again is still way better than 45 years of it :joy::joy::joy:

Enjoy this part of the journey :kissing_closed_eyes: I found it magical and hopeful alongside the more negative aspects that were a bit harder to deal with.