Animal Crossing


Anyone else play Animal Crossing? And anyone else forget to take care of their town for weeks on end only to return to it and find that your house is crawling with cockroaches, your friends moved, and your town is covered in weeds? I have. Several times. :joy:


Yeah… I play Animal Crossing. When I play video games, I just play intensely for few weeks and abandon it for years. So I relate to you.


Saaaaame! Then I stumble upon the game and think, “Oh my gosh! I forgot how much I loved this!”, get obsessed again, and then entirely forget once more. :joy:


I love Animal Crossing. First played it back on an import disc on GameCube. But yep always forgot about my town, thought that it had only been a few days turned out to be weeks! The DS version is a bit better as it’s portable and there are plenty of calender apps dedicated to the world of New Leaf so I can get reminders. :joy:


THAT’S AWESOME I NEED THIS. :joy::joy: I think I have Wild World for my older model DS! I’ve been playing since GameCube, too!

Speaking of which, snap, I needa go water my flowers. :joy:


Yea one of my friends hyped me up to the poi t where I ended up buying New Leaf for the 3DS. Played it for a couple weeks then totally forgot to keep up once I started getting more into the Pokemon games I bought. I catch up with it every once in a while now. I guess it was a bit slow at times for me. I did however love Ever Oasis. I like to think they have similarities but in EO I get to go out on missions and beat monsters. But I can see how Animal Crossing can get very addictive


Animal Crossing is one of my most loved franchises :slight_smile: Its the same for me too: First get super excited about the game and playing it for hours every day just to forget about it after one or two weeks. :sweat_smile:

I usually start by building up the town and decorating as good as i can, not caring about the villagers at all. AND i am hyped for the next AC game on the Nintendo Switch :heart::heart::heart:


YES. I love decorating! I cared most about the villagers when they moved, lol. Or when I saw an opportunity to get some furniture or clothes. The trouble is my town always gets so covered in weeds… And yessss! I still need to get a switch! 8D


It might be worth holding off until AC comes out as there will probably be a bundle with the game. There are also rumours of a hardware revision coming out next year too.

Unless of course Pokemon is also your thing in which case thats out in a couple of weeks on Switch. :laughing: