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I just started another course got my first quiz back and only got 30% although none of it was wrong I just need to elaborate more, but can’t help but feel like I’ll just fail this too, I starting nursing and failed, because I couldn’t understand the questions, and because I wasn’t diagnosed I didn’t get any additional help and i don’t want to fail again, I failed school, I failed jobs, I failed nursing and I don’t want to fail this but I feel like I’m not using correct methods for me

I like to write my notes down but it also takes up 80% of my day just doing that when I could be doing my assignment,

What are some methods for at home education you can suggest? medication can only help so much :confused:



Hello! I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling, I don’t know your whole situation, but this can help from my experience as an architecture student in college.

Try not to stress too much about the recent quiz, you did get all of the questions right after all, and that’s incredible, just keep the feedback in mind for the next quiz!

I can relate about not understanding the questions. See if you can talk to your teacher about the test after school. Ask him/her to go over every question, and ask them to elaborate on each one. maybe you might understand what answer they are looking for, if you can talk to them in person, you could probably use email or a phone call, depending on the professor.

You said you were not diagnosed, is there any way you can get diagnosed? Or maybe talk to your doctor about it. Maybe he/she can give you some sort of waiver to let you get help. I know, its a long shot, but, maybe its worth it?

That’s great that you write so much notes, I’m terrible at note taking… so i don’t really know how to help with that… maybe ask your classmates and see what they do?

Is home education like working from home? I’ll be honest I’m not sure how to help with that either, I live on campus, and I’ve only taken 2 online classes. Maybe that’s something to experiment with?

I hope this helped! I’m sorry I didn’t have a lot of advice.



Out of curiosity, what are you studying now?

I can’t be of much help, I suspect, since learning and studying activates my hyperfocus…:disappointed_relieved:
But I find that to stsy organised between differrnt classes, deadlines, etc., color coding and coordination helps me a LOT! And do you take notes by hand or on a PC? Because spending that much time on notes sounds exhausting…:cold_sweat: And with that much time on notes, no wonder assignments are hard to manage. It’s impressive so far, though! I’m sure you’ll be able to find tips throughout the forum, when it comes to studying at university! We have plenty of posts and comments on the topic!:blush:

And as mentioned above, getting a diagnosis might help quite a bit with getting assistance or other help from your school (depending on where you’re studying, of course…), that might make a difference too.



I was diagnosed January this year and I speak to my teacher but she doesn’t give much information I was meant to get someone to help me with this new course but I haven’t herd anything yet as they are still trying to organise it. I’m a distant ed so I don’t have a campus everything is online except my placement



I’m now studying childcare at the moment my assignments are all to go with legal information in the childcare setting so it’s hard to colour code all them but I’m all for colour coding :slight_smile:

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Wow, sounds tough, especially since you’re distance learning. That really ruins discipline, I find, hehe.:sweat_smile: It’s too easy to not get going when you don’t have to actually GO to class…:sweat_smile: Do you have live lectures you have to attend, or do you watch lectures on demand? Because I find from experience that forcing yourself out, maybe to a library, will help get you started on the ‘learning’ mental place, compared to being in your own room. (Take it from experience, staying at home is NOT conductive for learning unless you have a dedicated office used for nothing else, and most don’t…)

Maybe you can code for ‘children’s rights’, ‘parents’ rights’, ‘parents’ responsibilities’, ‘legal framework for non-parent caretakers’, etc… Law can be hard to organize if you don’t find your own system, or a system that works for you. A friend of mine mastered in Law, complained about it ALL the time…!:joy: So you’re not the only one struggling with that, neuro-typical people even struggle with legal stuff.:wink: So don’t let it get you too down. But having a study partner might also be useful, if possible…:sweat_smile: Hopefully the school can figure something out for you soon…!



Sadly no lectures at all we have given 2 text books and the second chapter that u it is in and then we are giving the assignment to work out, I was told I would have extra learning help but they still haven’t given me the person to contact so that was useless and I would go to the library but I feel more comfortable in my own home my Anxiety peeks and feel like everyone is judging me aahahah