Another diagnosis 🤔

Hey Hope your doing well. I have adhd and I think I might have aspergers but I’m not sure. Like I do have some of the symptoms but I think that could be because of my adhd.

Like most of the time I wear headphones when I go out because I get overwhelmed and it helps me stay a bit more relaxed in a way, even if I’m not playing anything. Also I hate it when my mum doesn’t tell me when my siblings and family come over, especially if they just came the day before.

I feel like when I go out or meet people then I need a whole day to recover and just be on my phone and relax. Idk like it’s a weird feeling and I feel guilty. I also do things the same way over and over. Like I have to Hoover the kitchen before the living room because the living room has carpet and takes more energy lol and if my mum tells me to do the living room first I get upset and angry. Also like when I go sleep I have to do this routine where I clean my ears and then rub my eyes before I go sleep and if I don’t I feel panicky and hard to go sleep. And when I try go to sleep I have to think of the most intrusive thoughts like my siblings dying and me getting stabbed etc to fall asleep because my brain is just so busy if u get me and this is the same everyday until it can’t get more dramatic.

I also got kicked out of school several times because I would cut myself or drink alcohol to get my teachers attention. I never knew this at the time but it was because I never got love at home so I looked for it in her because she was so loving. I never knew how to communicate properly and I still can’t control my emotions when it comes to that.

It’s hard for me to give eye contact. I wear trackis all the time but I think that’s just because it’s super comfortable lol and ugh I hate jeans tho but I can wear it for a short period of time.

Idk do you think it’s just adhd or could be aspergers or autism?

Thanks alottt


I don’t have Asperger’s (which I know to be a mild form of Autism, and now as a diagnosis it seems it’s lumped into ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder).

I do know that for many people with ASD can be overly sensitive to sounds (and other environmental stimuli), easily overwhelmed by socializing, find it difficult to look people in the eye, and can be upset if they routines are changed/interrupted.

Even not having any form of ASD, I can relate to a lot of what you said:

  • As an introvert, I experience the same kind of overwhelm from socializing (particularly in large groups or among people I don’t already know), and until my early 20’s I had a lot of difficulty looking other people in the eye.
  • As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I can be easily bothered by loud noise or flashing lights.
  • And due to my ADHD, I’ve come to rely on routines in order to compensate for the issues that I have with memory and attention. When my routines are thrown-off, I might forget to do things, and that can make me upset.

You would need a professional assessment to find out whether you have Asperger’s/ASD or not. However, just having ADHD means that a person is 80% likely to have at least one co-morbidity (and 50% likely to have two or more co-morbidities with their ADHD).


Welcome @Hmmm you might have aspergers traits . See,

Not giving eye contact.
Wearing the same clothes. is a screener for aspergers.

A professional such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist, can diagnose aspergers.