Any advice on learning to play the piano?


Greetings fellow brains :slight_smile:

Last month i got a stagepiano (e-piano) as a gift from my fiancée because i told her owning and playing the piano is a little dream of mine. :muscle:t3: My issue now is the lack of budget for a teacher to take lessons, so i started learning via online school.

Well… You probably are going to laugh but i have issues with motivation and i lack of self-discipline. The most part those easy lessons feel WAY too easy… As i am a guy who loves the challenge i started learning my very first piano piece: “To Zanarkand”. I was able to learn it and i can play it but this is not the right way to motivate myself to learn the whole thing not just pieces i like. I realised that after i finished learning the piece: “comptine d’un autre été”

I cant play the songs perfectly at all and practising them to get better starts getting tedious and i stopped making progress. It feels like im getting even worse than better. :sob:

Do you guys have any helpful tips and tricks for me? I want to stick to playing the e-piano so bad but being me… Almost makes it impossible… :pensive:


What kind of music do you want to play? Pop, Rock, Blues? Jazz? Classical? Different music can have different approaches.


I do prefer new classical and classical pieces but tbh i never really thought about it cause i usually want to learn pieces i love to hear. Mostly they are emotionally touching… River flows in you and moonlight sonata as examples. (i know i have quite some years to go before i can even try to learn the whole thing)


First, I’d like to say Kudos for learning ‘comptine d’un autre ete’ The left hand technique needed for that song is something that would make me want to learn something else. When I’m learning a song that requires technique, like this one does, I make it a point to have the technique become muscle memory.

For example, this song would cause my left hand many problems. What I would do is just play the left hand for a few minutes every time I pass the piano, but i wouldn’t worry about playing the entirety of the song, only through a few chord changes. I’d also set up a metronome at a much slower tempo than the original and slowly ramp up the BPMs. Then I’d set the BPM’s to be faster than is required. When you take the BPMs back down to the desired tempo it seems easier.

When I have the motivation and time to put in a good amount of practice time, then that’s when i’ll work in the right hand, again, with the metronome, and at lower BPMs. I’ll then slowly ramp up the speed. I also like to break the piece into small portions. Maybe I’d take the first 8 bars and become really proficient at that before adding the next 4-8 bars.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this strategy.


and now that I reread my post I can see how my initial comment regarding the left hand technique could be interpreted in a negative way, making it seem like i’m suggesting you should probably attempt something different. Not what I intended at all, and my apologies if that is how it came across. Just wanted to clarify.


Um wow kinda advanced for a beginner…


Nah your post is fine :slight_smile: Thank you! Making it muscle memory is basically the way i learned the pieces (i keep saying learned… eventho i am NOT able to play them as intended. The pieces are just way too advanced but somehow my brain is so stupidly stubborn, even i cant help myself with it xD )

I will try to work with slower BPM’s and faster BPM’s beginning today, as this sounds logical to me, so thank you i really appreciate your help :smiley: Maybe for a beginner like me some rythm training would be a better first step then learning hard to play (at least for me it is hard to play) pieces right away…


I know that, but cant help myself. It is so challenging that it gets fun the harder it is… i dont know why i am like that and this probably will be the reason why i wont be good at it at all no matter how much i try. My approach is completely wrong at least that i know. :open_mouth:

Sorry for my bad english folks xD


It can also be frustrating and defeating to grind on one or two songs, feeling like you’re not quite getting it. Probably the best advice I can give is to find other songs where the technique is still demanding enough to be a challenge, but not quite as difficult as the song you may be struggling with. You want to make sure the easier song compliments the technique needed for your goal song.

Yann Tiersen - La dispute would be a good compliment, and stepping stone song to help you develop the technique needed for the other songs you’re learning.

Hope this helps.


Thank you i’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: Maybe i can report back on this (Yann Tiersen - La dispute) in quite some time. Memorizing it and getting it into muscle memory will take a while :slight_smile: (I only started learning how to read sheet’s so it is all memorizing right now)

Man i got my priorities all over the place… maybe i should set up an educational plan for myself and follow it strictly… but then again im not good at following rules especially if they are mine. :no_good_man:t4: :boxing_glove:


Try this…day 1 memorize the first two measures only. Day 2 - reinforce memorization of day 1, then add 2 bars. keep going etc.


I started the “boring” part of training/learning the piano via videos of a really great piano teacher in bavaria. I can tell i need to start with basic steps, even tho it is not challenging at all. But thats ok i guess. I’ll report back here after i made some progress :grin:

(could take quite some time, cause there is a good chance of me getting too bored and not sticking with it)


Not trying to be pessimistic, but maybe the piano just isn’t for you. I went through an instrument change when I found my true passion playing the cornet, when I started off playing the ukelalie.

I hope you find another instrument to play, because not getting better at something SUCKS!

good luck to you, and I hope you get better.



This actually is possible, yes. But i won’t ever know if i don’t try hard enough, don’t you agree?

I also tried to learn to play the accoustic guitar but tbh this instrument wasn’t for me even tho i love the sound of it.


Just keep trying, you’ll e
Find your instrument eventually. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I completely agree that learning the fundamentals of an instrument and technique are boring. All anyone wants to do is play the fun stuff and get a good sense of satisfaction from it. I taught private piano and guitar lessons for a number of years. Some students were really good at sitting down and learning their scales and cadences, and some just wanted to have fun playing songs. If I made them learn scales and fundamentals first I would have lost a student and they would have been turned off to learning an instrument. If i could find a song that the student liked learning, and somehow tricked them into learning the essential scales to help them learn the song then it was a win for the student and for myself. In fact, there are many songs that were written with the focus being on certain techniques, so the the student could learn a song while learning scales and cadences. Your teacher should point you in the direction of Etudes that are geared for the beginner that are challenging, but rewarding at the same time. I used Burgmuller 25 easy and Progressive Studies (etudes) for many of my students. Keep it up!