Any Fellow Atheist ADHDer's?


Since I was a child, I never got how so many grown up and smart people can guide all their lives by something there is absolutely no evidence.


I never thought about that as a kid, it was just the world as it was presented to me by grown-ups and children’s books. It’s just when grown-ups say that the main drive people have for looking for a Beyond is their fear of death and turning into nothing, I’m usually out. That has never bothered me. Actually, it bothers me less as an atheist because I don’t just not believe in an afterlife, I also believe there won’t be a ‘me’ to be bothered by that.


I believe there is likely a higher power out there, due to the fact that current limitations in scientific knowledge prevent us from ruling out the existence of one entirely. However I firmly believe that mass religions are wrong, and basically sanctioned cults, and will stick with my athiest/agnostic beliefs


I respect you and your opinions. As an atheist we don’t have a dogma and most of us honestly don’t care if someone believes. Especially living in the place we do I would never want to ban religion or faith. I believe in human rights and in the Bill of Rights. So, trust me when we say this, if someone wanted to actually go through with starting a ban for it, I would be there to stop it. Normally if we question people of faith, like if I do, it’s because I’m generally curious. However, I wouldn’t want to shake your faith. I only like to shake people’s faith when they are being well, assholish.


My story: I had started reading by the first grade and liked it so much I tried reading anything I could lay my hands on. In one of these books I read that someone very famous, when he was a child, was taught to say god’s name to overcome fear and it really worked for him and convinced him there was a god. So here I was @ age 7 or 8, walking by myself from my friend’s house to ours after dark and I scared myself imagining all sorts of horrible things. Then I remembered this story so I started chanting god’s name. Didn’t do a thing for me. I had to run real fast to escape my imagined bad guys! That was the night I realized there was no god! Funny how similar incidents can lead people to completely opposite conclusions!


I’d say I was agnostic, i don’t believe that any one religion will ever be 100% correct in there beliefs or that we will ever fully understand the universe from a scientific point of view, the universe is a crazy place with infinite possibilities, I love being open minded so I can explore all these different ideas.


I am what I would probably call an atheist. People’s faith is there own business. Life is short and I believe that you should do whatever makes you happy as long as it’s not at the harm of others. I was exposed to religion as a child but not forced into it or complelled to be part of it. My mother belived that religion should be a choice so I was never christened as a child. When I was a teen my father wanted me to be christened. By this stage I was already very anti church. So I said I would but only by a church that would not accept any form of payment for the service. To me this would have been an indication of an organisation that was performing its service out of pure faith. To this day I have not been christened and dad still asks and my answer is the same.

As I have gotten older I have seen churches enable some terrible humans to do some equally horible things to others.

Sometimes I would hope that a god was a real thing so when these people eventually did the right thing and died they would not have a good time of it.

My problem is not faith but churches using this faith as a source of fear and control.



I am atheist too. Born as muslim i was one of those people who could see what religion really is my whole life through media and my own opinion.

As a kid i began to realise, that religion is (at least in my opinion. I do NOT want to trash talk any religion, nor do i want to discredit anythign that comes with it. I do accept that people are able to believe in something that is bigger then them and it is great to see so many people, who are able to get strength through their religion) one of those ways to keep people controlled. They make money in the name of god. They do fight war’s in the name of god. They steal, murder and destroy families because of religion… to me it all is just another way to keep us small. To make us puppets of their way of ruling.

They stopped technological development of humanity, burned down Books, killed, raped etc etc etc etc.

This is true to nearly every big religion. Sorry if i did insult someone with that, i didnt mean to. It is solely my own opinion!

Sorry for my bad english, i hope, i was able to make myself clear. :stuck_out_tongue:


Grew up religious but eventually my logical sceptical outsider brain was unable to believe it. Nor much else


Technically I am an ignostic atheist. Not a typo.

Ignostic essentially means that things must be coherently defined prior to discussing their “existence.” Since the concept of a deity in any religion is considered numinous, this is reflected in absolutely every single definition I have ever encountered. None of those definitions passes muster in the same way we might define other things which are not self-evident but predictably reliable.

I get into more detail on this here: