Any Indians with ADHD?


I’m an engineering student from Mumbai. I’m pretty sure I have ADHD (I haven’t been diagnosed, my family won’t /doesn’t take me seriously) and it has… it’s pretty bad. I’ve disappointed every single person who saw potential in me.

I want to get a diagnosis from a real doctor. Any information regarding where to go, how much it costs, etc. would be appreciated.

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There’s a couple of threads where fellow Indians discuss it:


Yeah same problem here my family is not taking it seriously because they think that I’m just lazy and I am trying to find an excuse for my poor performance.
And I talked to psychology counselor in my college she said ADHD goes away when you become an adult and that is so not true
I’m going to a physiatrist tomorrow I hope he knows a thing or two


Hi. I’m from Kolkata and have got diagnosed last august. I know a psychiatrist in Mumbai, from a friend that sees her. You may go and consult with her. Her name is Dr. Nahid Dave. I’m sure she can help you. You should go see a doctor soon. ADHD is a major issue, but some symptoms it causes can be found in some other neurodevelopmental disorders. So, make sure you get a diagnosis before making your mind about having ADHD.


Yo I just started visiting doctor a year ago I live in nagpur Maharashtra. I am in final year of my graduation in BA english . Technical I would have completed my graduation 2 years ago but I change my field from bsc to ba. I am 22 now . My father was supportive for my adhd, I didn’t thought he would be this supportive. I think you should just talk with your parents and possibly take them with you to doctor so doctor can tell them what adhd really is because it’s important for them to understand what are we suffering from do it will be easy for them to understand our situation. Medication helps me a lot .Wish you luck