Any music to listen to?

Hello :raising_hand_woman:t2:

I’m not sure if I put this in the right category, but we’ll discover that.

I am someone who loves music. But I wanna put new music in my playlist. Tell me what artists and what music you like to listen to a lot. That way I can add more music. I’m curious to what y’all are gonna suggest :grin:


Oohhh I love this!! I don’t really understand genres or how to describe stuff so sorry in advice :sweat_smile:

  • the regrettes. A mostly female punk band

  • hadestown soundtrack 1 and 2. It’s a jazz/musical retelling of a classic Greek myth. Personally, I prefer the first version bc it feels more unique, but they’re both really good

  • Alvin solero. A Spanish pop singer? Fair warning, I don’t understand Spanish but it’s really catchy ( I play it as background music )

  • the Wicked West on yt has a bunch of classical music.

  • cheiftans! I don’t know how to describe it, but basically folk I guess?

  • Alt-J, This Is All is Yours. A very magical sounding, spacey kinda album. It has a storyline so better to listen from start to finish rather than on random

  • Colter Wall and Tyler Childers, both do country ( but like, real country ) I also like Keep the Wolves Away by Uncle Lucas

  • dick-dale and his dale tones. Very 60’s surfer, high energy

  • patty gurdy. Plays an instrument called the hurdy gurdy, is also in a band called storm seekers which is basically a pirate metal band

  • E mukeki, I think they’re middle eastern music? Kinda like what you would hear in movies, but actually real and super pleasant

  • World is China album. I think it was a culture project, but it was some really beautiful ( and interesting ) pieces

  • Jefferson airplanes White Rabbit. ‘Nuff said

  • Loreena McKennit. She sings Irish songs, very beautiful voice

  • Lucinda Williams. Not sure how to describe her

  • rye cooder. Very funky music?

  • Natalie merchant. She sings very deep soothing songs, I like her album Leave your Sleep. It’s a bunch of nursery rhymes converted into music

  • Rebirth Jazz Band. High energy jazz, tons of fun

  • Whitehorse Leave No Bridge unburned. They have a unique sound, and the 2 singers voice blend together really well

  • beetlejuice the musical. I LOVE this musical, it handles death in a very important way and the music in super catchy

  • sungazer, I have no idea what genre they are but it feels like your brain is melting so that’s cool

I’ll add more as I think of them, hope this isn’t too long :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

there’s also this thread: Music suggestions


Thaaaaanks. The longer the list, the better tbh :tada::tada::tada:


In Mexico, Natalia Lafourcade is an amazing singer.
I like this song very much.


There’s a song called Exile Vilify by the Nationals. I came across it while playing a video game called Portal 2 (it was playing on a little radio in the corner of on of the levels).
I can’t make heads or tales of the lyrics, but I like it mostly because it puts my dogs to sleep if they are constantly barking an I am trying to relax.


Some of my favourites:

  • Bent Knee - Prog rock band outta Berkley with hauntingly beautiful vocals.
  • Nightwish - Symphonic Metal from Finland. (Suggest checking out “Ghost love score” live at wacken 2013 on youtube)
  • Laura Pergolizzi - songwiter for the stars, now an artist in her own right.
  • Portishead - Be careful if depressed though. SO beatiful, but also SO sad.
  • Diana Ankudinova - Prodigy singer from Russia. If Cher and Creed had a baby had a baby and that kid could sing deeper then them both it would be Diana.
  • Dimash - Just check him out. You WILL be impressed by that 6 octave range!

Thats it for now. Have fun!


ALVARO SOLER??!!! His music is AMAZING I love it so much!




@distracted awesome!! side note: I have listen to one song so many times that I can sing along… despite not know a lick of Spanish. How’s that even possible??? :sweat_smile: