Any recs for getting diagnosed in Virginia?

Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum so I apologize in advance if this question violates any rules. I’m an adult in my mid-20s and have come to the realization over the past few years that I have ADHD. I think I would have a better quality of life if I were medicated properly, but I’ve heard horror stories of doctors prescribing wildly inappropriate doses for ADHD and not monitoring their patients as closely as they really should. To make things more complicated, I just moved across the country and have no contacts with any doctors in my new home state of Virginia.

I’m looking for a psychiatrist who has experience in evaluating and diagnosing adult patients for ADHD, and is comfortable starting/monitoring new ADHD med prescriptions. Does anybody happen to know of any psychiatrists licensed in VA who fit this description? (If they can do tele-health appointments then location doesn’t matter; if it’s in-person only, I’m located near Virginia Beach. Also, my insurance has pretty decent coverage so don’t let that be a factor.)



No apologies necessary!!

While I do not have the info. you are looking for . . . Someone else here just might!

Best of Luck on your journey!



I live across the country, so I don’t know of anyone in Virginia.

You can check directory resources, such as:

Or you might check with ADHD support groups in your area, like this one:

I hope that you’re able to find someone to help you with diagnosis and treatment. Good luck! And, welcome to the forums!