Any Tips for Answering Interview Questions with Multiple Parts?


When I am asked questions with multiple parts I always forget all of the parts of the question because I am focused on trying to answer the first bit.
Unfortunately keeping multiple steps or parts of something in my brain while I talk is not my forte.
As it is an interview I can’t stop and write things down.

Usually I just ask to hear the question again, but that makes me feel a bit silly if I do it for most questions.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas for answering verbal questions with multiple parts?

Thank you.


Hi @QuirkyTurtle,
This is a tough one! But really important, because with a limited amount of working memory, this can be really hard for us.

In my experience, I have always gone into an interview with a legal pad (in a professional looking portfolio) with a handful of questions that I plan to ask the interviewers.

It’s completely acceptable to jot a couple key terms to use as reminders, for a multipart question.

You could try saying something to the effect of, “I hope you don’t mind that I take a quick note. This is a good question, and I want to be sure I can give you a thorough response.”

Most potential-employers should be perfectly accepting of this.
It says, “I care.” “This matters to me.”
Nothing bad about sending either of those messages. :slight_smile: