Any tips for incoming high schoolers? (and other stuff)

How to get all of my work done on time?
How do I make friends?
How do I get good grades?
How to make money for college?
Good career paths for artists (music, drawing, animation, etc)?
Any other tips?

Thanks guys!


Getting work done on time everyone is different in this regard but for me if I receive an assignment on Monday and its not due till wednesday as an example. I will do the assignments the day its assigned and turn it early or on time dependent on how turning in works if its a virtual turn in then the second that it is done it gets turned in.

Getting good grades well I can’t really help with any ideas other than if you are struggling in a subject or a particular test or quiz was difficult to study for see if you can meet with that particular teacher for review and ask for help or study tips and they should be able to guide you.

Making friends I would recommend joining clubs or sports that interest you and you will find your people eventually if not in high school then in college at least. Other than joining clubs idk any other ideas but other commentators may have ideas

Making money for college I cannot comment on this subject as I come from a place of privilege and do not have to pay for my own college which I am very thankful for but recognize that not everyone does so other commenters will hopefully speak more to this.

I also cannot speak on a good career paths for artist as I myself am not pursuing an artist path for my career but good luck with what ever path you choose here.

Other tips: Most of my other tips are more for high school students in junior/senior year but its just somethings that are useful to keep in mind.
when it comes to looking at colleges in-state tuition will be cheaper than out of state tuition
look at college’s artist programs to see what is required for admission-(every college may be different but their may be similarities across the board)
Always have a backup plan when it comes to applying to college ie apply to more than one school
grades are not the only determining factor for admission into college as they look at other things such as the letter of recommendations which comes from your teachers typically you ask the ones who know you the best throughout your 4 years in high school
See if you qualify for any scholarships for college as they can help pay for your education.

I hope this tips help in what way they can. Also this only my perspective and other peoples perspectives will be different than my own so take everything that I say with a grain of salt. The last thing I will say is enjoy your time in HS as those years will fly by and be over before you know it.


I appreciate your response . . .

It’s :brain::brain::brain: like you who make this forum so great!


When I figure that out, I could probably publish an online course, YouTube videos, and a book, so I can share it with all the Brains in the world.

The short answer is: “BE a friend!”

Find people who like to do the same things as you, and who are people you like to be around.

There is a saying they might help you in finding quality friends: “You become like the five people you hang around with the most.”

  • Have genuine curiosity for the subject.
  • Let the teacher know that you want to get a good grade in their class, and ask them what you should focus on. (Some teachers grade more based on homework, some based on tests. Sometimes doing your best work when writing papers or doing projects can help your grade a lot.)
  • Ask questions. (Write the questions down when you think of them. Don’t try to come up with them in class. If you don’t want to ask in front of your class, then ask the teacher before or after class, or via email, or during the teacher’s office hours, if they have such.)
  • Read over the material before it’s covered in class, even if you don’t understand it, so that when your teacher starts to explain it, your brain picks up on
  • Take notes. You are not being graded on your notes (so neatness, spelling, grammar and organization only matter if they matter to you). It’s the very act of note taking that helps you the most (helps your brain absorb the material and connect the ideas together).
  • If I had the best answers to this question… (See my answer to your first question :wink: )
  • Get a job or two, work odd jobs, etc. Save most of the money you earn. (Allow yourself to spend some of it. Maybe 20-30%.) (I don’t speak from experience. I haven’t had a good track record of saving money.)
  • Apply for as many scholarships and grants as you can, even ones where you think you’re not competitive. (I made the mistake of not doing so.)

(Ooh, you’re a CREATIVE Brain!!!)

Hah! Be what you wanna be! Start now!

  • Seriously! And you don’t have to pick one. Think of the top 2+ creative things that you are drawn to. Don’t be afraid to do several, even in you have a core one or a few. You never know what’s going to help you to develop YOUR STYLE.
  • Think of the type of creator that you admire, the type of creative work that excited or inspires you. They might be a real person, but they don’t have to be. They might even only exist as a concept in your mind.

As an artistic type, your will probably have to work at something that isn’t your dream in order to pay the bills, while you do what you love on the side.

But being a creator doesn’t require a degree (although the education, practice, and degree can all help…and you might get some good connections in college or through the town/environment around the college).

Make friends with other artistic type people. (Things that don’t matter, unless they matter to you: age, gender, or anything else. As long as they are not a danger or a bad influence on you, they’re okay to be around. Don’t be afraid of weird. Don’t be ashamed to be weird. Just don’t compromise your core values, because that’s when you start to question your identity and value. … That last bit is just an important life lesson that I think everyone ought to know.)

Be “open to experience”.

  • This phrase is the name of one of the 5/6 personality traits in the Big-5 (aka CANOE or OCEAN) or Big-6 (aka HEXACO) personality model. It’s one of the many things I’ve been interested in over the years.
    … Which gets me to my last piece of advice here:


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  1. Make a list of everything that needs to be done on each day. Lock yourself out of your phone. Have an accountability partner.
  2. Join clubs/teams and go to events where you can socialize and do activities with other kids your age.
  3. Keep in touch with your teachers. Make contact with a tutor if necessary. Get accommodations if you need them. Force yourself to do all of the work even if you don’t want to.
  4. Get a part-time or summer job. Enter contests (music, writing, whatever). Apply for scholarships.
  5. Musician (orchestra, freelance, soloist). YouTube artist, illustrator, book cover artist, cartoonist, comic artist. Animator (YouTube, freelance, with a business). Designer (web, graphic, fashion).
  6. If you take meds, take your meds. If you have exercises to do, do them. Wash laundry on the same day every week. Teach yourself about what you like. Check your state’s work laws. Try a weighted blanket if you can’t sleep. Get a support system.

Use your study halls if you have them.

  1. Getting work on time

Organiser , a diary , iPhone , each task , schedule prioritising , maybe an ADHD coach
Determination to succeed

  1. How do I make a friends ?
    Join clubs , sport clubs if you are good at
    sport , otherwise , bowling , swimming ,
    Acting , chess , cycling , whatever interests

  2. to get good grades
    Motivation , study hard , pay attention, focus.
    On strengths, practice , background reading ,
    Maybe extra tuition , study in groups
    Practical learning

  3. part time job , a small business

  4. a business , animation for IT companies ,

    creativity , ask people ,
    Careers advice
    ADHD coach

The world is changing rapidly . Education is changing . Careers and jobs are changing .
New jobs, careers are being established to cope with the changing world .
I would not recognise the world , in 2020, , at the start of the century .

Maybe buy a book .


The ADHD Advantage: What You Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength

Good luck !

Small business… That’s good advice. You’re likely to learn more breadth of skills, and maybe have exposure to someone with an entrepreneurial attitude.
(Which goes back to my point of “you become more like the people you spend the most time around”.)

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