Any trekkies?

I’m off work for a while and even so there aren’t many trekkies at work, but I just saw the latest episode of Strange New Worlds (Captain Pike) and it had a Romulan confrontation, and WOW!

I’m just so excited to see such good Star Trek shows being written…

I like trek because it’s aspirational, but this show is also very funny, very human… all the things old trek missed. It gives me hope for a brighter future….

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I’m a bit of a Trekkie, but I’m way, way behind. The last thing I watched was the pilot episode for Picard.

I grew up watching reruns of the original series with my dad in the 80s. When Star Trek: the Next Generation came out, my brothers and I watched every episode as they were first broadcast, and all the series (DS9 and Voyager) and movies up to 2000*.

After that, I only watched Star Trek shows and movies occasionally, as the opportunity allowed.

*(I got married in 2001, and my life got more complicated, so most of the TV watching I did for the next 20 years was “whatever my wife or kids were watching”. My wife grew up in the original series, too, and that remains her preference for Star Trek. Now that we’re divorced, and I only have the kids half the time, maybe I can catch up some more.)

Yes my family were the same. During the late era VHS years I watched everything.

The “new” movies are quite good dad and I got to watch the first one together. All the other series are now on different platforms mostly paramount for. We stuff and Netflix for old. I still think Next Grbration is the one that holds up the best…

But this Strange New Worlds on Paramount really pulls at the original Star Trek heart strings!

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Yeah but only TOS, Next Gen and DS9

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Not voyager? Season 5 is incredibly good.

Enterprise was a train wreck though.

I’ll admit that Voyager took about 3 seasons to grow on me. As far as the characters go, I really only liked Harry Kim and B’Ellana Torres.

(No offense to the acting talent of Kate Mullgrew, but I thought that Janeway’s character didn’t really develop during the series. I secretly wished she’d be written out, and that Chakotay would take the mantle of captain, thinking “what could he do by injecting Marquis sensibilities into a Federation captain”, especially as an opportunity to keep a little conflict going between him and Tuvok… Missed opportunities.)

As far as female leaders go on the Voyager crew, I liked the B’Ellana Torres. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, was very human in that she was emotive and made mistakes, but worked hard to fix things. (Though, I wished for a little more Klingon nature to show through in how her character was written. The “fiery” temper of hers was much more believable as a Latina character than as a half-Klingon.)

Fun fact, I sold a briefcase to Garrett Wang (who played Harry Kim), when he was shopping at the outlet store I worked at in the '90s.

  • (I’m still a little embarrassed that I pronounced “Wang” wrong when speaking with his. For the record, it’s pronounced exactly the same as “Wong”. But the actor himself was very gracious in how he corrected me. He has probably heard his last name pronounced incorrectly many, many times.)

I liked DS9 in a lot of ways. It brought some of the wild-west feel of TOS back to the franchise. My brothers and I saw that the writers seemed to be trying to mirror “Babylon 5”, which I thought was a disservice to Start Trek.

  • (I was blindsided when I developed a crush on Ezri Dax, once the character was introduced. I wished they’d added another season, to develop the character more. The only other TV character I ever had a crush on, growing up as an 80s kid, was…Punky Brewster. To be clear, I developed crushes on the characters, not the actresses, as attractive as I found them to be.)

I never got into Enterprise. It seemed like a different universe than Star Trek. (I really liked Scott Bakula’s character in “Quantum Leap”, but these two sci-fi character roles of his were as different as night and day.)

For early 2000s space series, I liked Firefly a lot!

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So, what about the Star Trek movies?

The first one I saw (in the theaters with my Dad) was “Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan”. That set a really high bar, and none of the other movies has ever hit that level of emotional intensity for me, but I do like the movies as much as I do the universe developed in TOS, TNG, DS9 & Voyager. (I’ve only seen the pilot for Picard, plus a few YouTube videos with spoilers for season 1, and I do feel that Picard does tie into the franchise, and is in a similar vein to what I had in mind, if I were a Star Trek series writer.)

The “Kelvin timeline” movies are great (the writing, directing, acting, and special effects are all top notch), but they feel almost as disconnected from everything else Star Trek as “Galaxy Quest” does. It’s more like an homage to TOS and all the Star Trek movies before them.

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Kate Mulgrew is my main objection. My assessment is pretty much as yours about Voyager.

As far as movies go… I have enjoyed them all even the silly ones like Vger and the quest for God and some of the silliness in the Next Gen movies.

I never got into Babylon 5 because let’s face it, even today most physical effects still outstrip the cg. Not that cg hasn’t gotten very impressive.

However, watching the whole chunk of it through streaming a couple of years back I can say I really enjoyed it. I loved Lando such a complex character… it just took a while to see it.

And Firefly? LOVE it.

Anyone read the Star Trek books like The Lost Years? Or Vulcan’s Forge? The Peter David Q books? Spock’s world?

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I like Star Trek , it demonstrates a sense of adventure , exploration , sci-fi .

I am a little into Star Trek deep space 9.

It maybe good for someone with ADHD.

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I remember reading a few, including one of the Q books by Peter David. (The only thing I remember from that book was that Q claimed that he told God, whom he referred to as “G–”, that the Creator would one-day regret creating humankind.)

In the 90s, it seems like I read at least 5 Star Wars books for every Star Trek one. (I stopped reading them when Episode I came out. Then, for some reason I can’t figure out, I lost interest in the books.)

  • Over the last 10 years, I’ve been more interested in the Enders Game series by Orson Scott Card.

I think she’s the most common objection I’ve heard about Voyager. She’s a good actress, but I voiced my concerns about her Captain Janeway character already. The character just seemed too one-dimensional, not very believable. I think that the vision and the writing for the character was the problem.

The Vger one (Star Trek, the Motion Picture) seems like a one-off, like it took place in an alternate universe (not even like an alternate timeline…it was just WAY too different). The rest of the movies all seem to be more within the same canon… except the Kelvin timeline (Leonard Nimoy is the only real element tying it to the main canon, IMHO).

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I don’t disagree with your Vger assessment.

I felt as though unstead of waiting to make a really fantastic female captain character they just pushed it through without caring. Must fill niche instead of letting character be king.

Star Trek has always been rife with strong female characters and females who were string and intelligent without being forced into also being masculine… which of course is a fantastic way to mythologize the idea of strong females and gives lie to the idea you actually believe in them.

If your strong female character is simply female shaped but has masculine traits or is aping masculine behavior… it’s not a strong female character. It’s pandering.

I can tell you that as a reasonably intelligent and willful female who holds a fairly traditional role in life I feel wretchedly underrepresented.

The Timothy Zawn books are still cannon to me. Speaking of Star Wars.

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Yes, I binged the Timothy Zahn books as soon as I could get my hands on them. I remember reading one (about 600 page paperback) in about 2 days, sleeping about 3-4 hours in between all-day-long reading binges. - I had those days off of both work and school.

  • It’s probably the most notable example of my hyperfocus.
  • During the Harry Potter craze, the closest I could come to that feat was 5 days to finish a novel…I think it was “Order of the Phoenix”. It took me about 2 weeks to read through most of the Potter books, because I was working and taking care of my family. I think I was in vacation when I read the one so fast.
  • I finished “Ender’s Shadow” in about 5-6 days, but it was shorter than Harry Potter, I think.

(I generally read slowly, I think because of a combination of strong eyeglass prescription and working memory issues.)

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I think I learnt through trek that if you pay too close attention to anything it’ll make you mad, I learnt that the hard way as I started out a massive fan of enterprise, I still like the pilot…. But my hatred particularly for the producers was palpable by the end…

So now I just sit back, relax, remember the good family times watching the show and enjoy it for east it us.

And b’ehlsna was my fave too. Though I don’t think I can spell her name.

I just like tv that’s aspirational, about what humans could accomplish, the amazing things we do accomplish…

I had to Google “Star Trek Voyager cast” to find the spelling. I expected it to be more like “B’Lana” to look more Klingon.

The only trek book I read was written by Andrew Robinson on Garaks life returning to Cardassia… I love that I got to see how the actor perceived the character and got to finish out his story. He was such an intriguing character.


I have a copy of Hedgemons Shadow lying out waiting for a reread. I love Orson Scott Card. I know he gets a lot of flak for a couple of his books but I like the ride.

I am a heavy reader and fast. Though these days I have glasses I should wear when I do it or my eyes go all foggy by end of day.

I think one of the most important things I do as a writer is read. If I could manage some consistency I could probably make a good living as an editor/alpha reader/story development/ghostwriter.

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I used to be a big Star Trek fan back in the 90’s. TNG and DS9 being my favorite shows back then. But we have been seeing a lot of good tv shows since then (not necessarily sci fi) and the medium has grown up a fair bit since.

I’ve gotten into the new shows as well. Picard is a train wreck. Worst Star Trek ever. Discovery started out nice, really giving us something different and dark (I loved captain Lorca). But then it turned into something the fans wanted. Not bad, but I found myself losing interest. Didn’t even finish the last season. Same goes for strange new worlds. I just struggle focussing on it.

I’m also a bit distracted by the shows wanting to be very over the top ‘woke’. Especially in Discovery. More than half the cast is either gay, non-binary, asexual etc. I’m all for inclusivity and equality. But I’d rather see it proportioned to a degree as it would in real life. Because this seems rather forced to me.

I really would have liked to see a chronologically post voyager show about the federation. Not a prequel. Not set 1000 years into the future but pretty much set in the period that Picard currently covers. So I was initially excited about Picard. But what a disappointment that was… Season 2 was especially agonizing because they actually let that take place in 2024 (sigh). Completely ignoring any established canon on that time period in Trek history, creating meaningless uninteresting storylines and countless plotholes. Argh. So bad. Soo bad!

I’m currently reading The Expanse novels by James SA Corey. Also made into a great TV series running 6 seasons on Amazon. Realistic SciFi with a little alien twist in the mix. Much evolved past Star Trek IMO.

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The Expanse is quite good.

Agree with your assessment of Star Trek. :smiley:

Also I found Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth saga to be very imaginative. Consisting of two books: Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained. There’s also other works taking place in the same universe (Void Trilogy and Chronicle of the Fallers) but the two Commonwealth saga books are by far the best.

And then there is the Night’s Dawn trilogy from the same author. Mixing in supernatural/horror with a great Sci Fi universe. Although the author does have a thing with pornography and writing explicit sex scenes containing young adults. And this trilogy is especially full of those. Which didn’t really disturb me. But they also weren’t really necessary IMO.

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I think Strange New Worlds is easily the best Star Trek material since TNG/DS9. It’s honestly fantastic, especially contrasted with Discovery, which is flashy and fun but lacking in the substance and the spirit for which Star Trek has been known. It stated out pretty good but went off the rails IMHO. On the subject of “wokeness,” I really love that Discovery leaned hard into representing LGBTQ folks. It’s important that people have the opportunity to see themselves in the media that they consume, and even LGBTQ people who are not Trekkies can appreciate that they are being represented. I understand the criticism that perhaps Discovery leans a little too hard into it, but I think the good outweighs the bad. Anyway my issues with that show have much less to do with “wokeness” and more to do with the writing, the plot, the incomprehensible pseudo-scientific dialog (which Star Trek has always had, sure, but this is just too much), and the overacting. I actually really like Picard too, but it’s definitely more of a nostalgia/fanservice sort of love; the show isn’t objectively that great, but I can’t help but enjoy every bit of it. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Lower Decks, you’re missing out; it’s hilarious, especially because it’s all canon.

And if you haven’t seen The Orville, it’s basically a love letter the TNG, and until SNW I would have argued it’s the best Star Trek in decades, even though it is only Star Trek in spirit and not in name.

I mean…he recently wrote six more Thrawn books that literally are canon. Highly recommend those if you haven’t read them.

I have read all of the Expanse books and all of the novellas, and I absolutely LOVE them, as well as the TV show. I really can’t speak highly enough about them. It’s frankly the best science fiction around, in my opinion.

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