Anyone else into building a pc

does anyone else like building new PC’s, or reviving old ones, if you have built your own pc or have a prebuilt one can you say your set up, as for me I have an intel core 13 8th gen with overclocking 16 gigabytes of ram 1 TB hard drive 500 gigabyte SSD and an Asus motherboard I forgot the name to, and my case is a cooler master pc case and a GeForce gtx 960 not the best but it was affordable

Recently built one:

Ryzen 2700X
6G Nvidia 1060
32GB RAM (3000MHz)
MSI X470 Pro MB
Versa H26 case
AC1900 TP-LINK network card

Still need to add some more fans, though, and thinking of integrated liquid cooling for CPU, though not necessary for now.

oh no i forgot about my graphics card better go edit that, and jeese you have allot of storage i don’t even know what to do with my 500 gb ssd let alone 1 tb

Hehe, yeah I was wondering what you were doing for graphics.:sweat_smile:

I use the 240GB for Linux and various productivity software, the 400GB for Windows + other software and games, etc. (games on SDD makes it better on load times), and the 8TB is for media storage, possibly converting to a NAS in the future, but in the cabinet for now. But because of possible future NAS, it’s a WD Red that I got on a decent sale.:sweat_smile:

And yeah, same for graphics, 1060 isn’t the greatest, but OK for now, can always upgrade. Sadly my motherboard doesn’t (currently?) support Nvidia Gforce dual cards, only AMD Radeon dual cards… We’ll see if any firmware/BIOS upgrades might fix that, but unlikely…

have you ever considered using wired internet it is faster than wireless

Yeah, I prefer it, but where I live, the landlord company has their own (kind of garbage) networking system with an HDMI-USB Wi-Fi dongle. Doesn’t work great, but it’s literally impossible to not use it, as you have to log into the dongle to get the network to work, as everything goes through their corporate servers. It’s convoluted and stupid, but all I can get here. Luckily I’m moving soon, so I’ll get wired internet.:sweat_smile:

that is what the apple users said when they heard abought the iphone 7 lol