Anyone else struggle to study?

Heya tribe, anyone else frustrated with themselves at times? If you can relate or have any advice on my struggle I’d appreciate it.

Currently I’m studying for college and no one knows I have ADHD or understands that I’m not always focused.

I could be sitting doing homework that takes me ages to do because I keep getting distracted, but I’m always so happy with myself for sticking with the work and getting it finished! It’s so hard to know if your work is good enough or up to standard.

It’s not easy whenever my sister or mum laugh at me or tell me off for getting distracted or going to tidy my bedroom etc. When I should be studying, but it’s so much easier to do anything else but study. I do want to study but it sometimes can feel like a reminder of how much I don’t know. I feel useless compared to the other people in my class who can finish their practice tests in shorter time because they don’t start thinking about 20 other different things when they read a sentence lol :joy:.

I didn’t expect to be so long, but it can get really frustrating, and it’s really nice to be honest on here and not be met with pity or scepticism but just understanding. You’s are a great bunch of people


I relate quite a bit, but am lucky to have hyperfocus on learning pretty much anything, as I find most things interesting. Sadly, I don’t know if I have any good advice, other than frequent breaks, although I know exactly how hard it can be to get back to it… Timing the breaks to be natural, and keeping passionate regarding what you’re reading or doing is the important thing, at least from my experience. So I suspect it’s EVEN more important for us Brains to study something we’re genuinely interested in.

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Deadline pressure was the main thing that got me to work at studying. That, and having big groups to meet, with whom there were shared longer-term schedules in which big chunks were divided into little chunks and all the other people were relying on me to keep up with the schedule. Without those two things I haven’t ever been a self-starter on any project or study program.

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Have you tried talking to them about it? Just a small “hey, it’s really hard for me to focus, and it gets even harder when you make fun of me for it or add to the distractions.” sort of chat. They may not realize that they’re making things hard for you, or how difficult it is to focus.


I have tried but, it can be hard to talk to them because I get really annoyed and end up saying something rash or that I don’t fully mean. Or I say something similar and they don’t really listen.

I guess I never looked at it in the way that they might not understand :smile: (sounds like a simple idea but honestly haven’t lol) I just assumed they would be patient or know how to encourage me. The more and more I realise how my brain works different the more I realise “huh my family don’t want to discourage me, they actually just don’t understand”.

Thanks @FranB !!


I’m in college for a Beauty Therapy course and I actually have ZERO interest in it (kind of did it to please my family) although there are some interesting topics, I personally don’t have interest in going into painting nails for the rest of my life. So it’s hard to keep interest going especially when my teacher just thinks I’m an absolute failure, and don’t try hard enough just because things take me longer to focus on.

The course is finished in 5 weeks and I’m looking forward to not have the pressure of doing something just to please a teacher that doesn’t necessarily think I’m good enough or embarrasses me infront of the class for not finishing the exam in time.

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Well, are you taking or have you considered medication? It may help, might be an idea to ask your doctor? Also might help you focus long enough to find out what you really love doing.:blush:

As for the teacher being a dick, don’t you have any rights regarding accommodations, etc…?

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I get what you are saying about being annoyed or rash whenever trying to discuss how other people can affect you. I have recently been trying to tell my parents that their comments and language around the house break me down and lower my self esteem. Often though, when I try, I get angry and a whole rush of unsettled issues comes to the forefront. I am not very good at this but I am trying to learn to say how I feel and not how they make me feel. I think the absence of the accusation helps to lower everyone’s walls. It is, however, a lot harder to have the vulnerability of saying how you feel and admitting that it may not be rational. It is much easier to be rash but that doesn’t build understanding

Hi there!
First of all what I can recommend you if you struggle whit study is that you may need someone to study whit, can be literally anyone that helps you be on track and not be unfocus.
Is not your fault that you find hard to study so please don’t compare to others cause that’s make things worse, just now that you need and extra effort than others.
Hope this tip will help you!!!

I recognize it. Have struggles with it a lot lately. I’m procrastinating rn. Probably I’ll keep doing that until tomorrow. And there’s a REALLY BIG project that needs to be done by monday. So I’m kinda doomed. Yet my brain is being stubborn. I get distracted all the friggin time. So I feel ya.

I definitely feel your struggle.

I hope my current situation can help you feel a bit better. I started my assignment as soon as it was released, studied hard before it came out, told myself this time would be different - everything I studied is RIGHT THERE… yet I’m STILL here at the last minute, pulling an all nighter to get it done.

Moral of the story - Sometimes, despite our best efforts, it just gets to that point. The only thing left to do then, is accept where you’re at and move forward.

Can you win everything all the time everyday? No. Do you deserve unconditional love from yourself, no matter what? Always.

Just keep swimming :grin:

Oof my friend, you have just described me. Currently, I’m trying to work out the best revision technique for me but here’s some tips and tricks from other people that haven’t made me want to cry at the mere thought of doing them:

  1. Watch studying YouTube videos
    Okay so this is a weird one but I actually find that if I watch a bunch of studying videos (things like ‘study with me’ or ‘how to study’) it actually helps me feel more inspired. Also, they’re super easy to tune out (they usually only have some plinky-plonky music playing) and not a lot happens on screen so you can generally play them in the background and do some work while watching.

  2. Break it down and plan it out
    Breaking things down into smaller chunks can really help make them seem less scary. I personally absolutely loathe the word ‘revision’ coz what on Earth does it mean??? It’s so vague??? If I try to go into a study session with the goal to revise, I don’t get anything done. If I take some time beforehand (or at the start of an allotted period of time) to sit down and go ‘what do i need to do? What do I want to do?’ then generally I can actually make that first super hard step and put pen to paper.

  3. Don’t overwhelm yourself
    So this one was suggested by my dad and I haven’t tried it yet but basically the idea is to set aside 10mins per day (just 10mins everyday) to read through your notes and jot down things you don’t understand or want to quickly go over (maybe get some colour coding in there). Once you’ve been through all your work, then you spend those 10mins going over the things you’ve noted down. 10mins isn’t too long and the task isn’t too hard and, afterwards, you’ve done something and you can chill for the rest of the night!

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