anyone else the tech wiz

I am mostly the tech nerd of my fammily and school, in fact i have fixed 6 old computers that were our fammilys, and even my neighbors i also upgraded one of my teachers computer to windows 10 me and my friend created a coding club at our school and run it our selves and the teachers bring us for there tech problems and whenever we are viewing something from a laptop to an external monitor we set it up

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25 years later I look back and this is my career. It’s how I bought my house. :smiley:

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It’s what I do :upside_down_face:


Working on a game AI programming project right now while finishing a masters in Computer Science; with plans for such tech wizardry to lead towards providing the means for myself to buy a house (let alone a nice apartment!)

p.s.: Watched the video Jessica did with @scot on your journey through a CS degree and getting started with your career. Kept saying out loud to myself “I was there, Scot - I was there!”

I am the tech person in my family and I work in tech. I sort of fell into it. I was studying 2 other subjects in university and I got a part time job doing tech support. I had no experience before that, but a friend worked there and they were looking for some other traits that I had (a specific year in university and living off campus). That job trained me and I went on to do more work in tech support and later programming. If you enjoy it it’s worth considering as a career. It seems to attract people with ADHD. I’ve had a number of coworkers with ADHD and plenty more who were ADHD-like

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In another thread, I was talking with @cliftonprince about my proposition that a sizeable number of techies have the gift, especially due to the creativity and ‘infinitely expanding list of topics and projects’ aspects of stuff like creative coding, game programming, web-dev, AI/ML, computer engineering, robotics, etc. Even Computer Science theory stuff such as Algorithmics which is one of the fields I found myself in wrapping senior year of undergrad and into grad school!

I’m also rather confident that the many examples of coders who dropped out of school to become major tech figures might be fellow brains, such as Clive Sinclair, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Gabe Newell, John Carmak, and even 'Zuckie — among many others.

  • Bored with lectures, coursework, and job-work? Check.
  • Hyperfocused on projects of personal interest? Check.
  • Super obsessed with realizing their ambitions? Check.
  • Energy and persistence of a Fusion Reactor? Checkmate.