Anyone else wish they found out sooner?



I found this site over a year ago when I first learned all about ADHD and figured out that I had it. I moved to America from Ireland 6years ago. I didn’t know a thing about ADHD growing up in Ireland. I had one classmate who told us he had it but never came across an explaination and never cared until last year when I stumbled across some information that led me to my self diagnosis. It blew my mind reading all about it. The more I read the more everything made sense. It has been so awesome learning about my brain. It’s changed my outlook on everything for the better and has helped me start steering my life in a positive direction. It’s crazy to think that it’s such a treatable/manageable brainwave to be on but without awareness, understanding and most of all support we can end up failing. So hi! Glad to be among fellow brains😊 I’m still figuring out how to manage it and trying to figure out ways to get myself to do all the things I want to do. Thanks for being here sharing and making me feel normal. Before I found out about this world I was so hard on myself and had so many unnecessary struggles. I’m trying every day to set myself up for success now that I know. First time posting on a forum.


I understand. I was diegnosed at the end of last year, adhd innatentive type, and dislexia. Have felt every since then that I wish I had known earlier. I found out when I decided to go back to school. Wish I had known the first time I was in college. But better to know now than not at all.


I was NEVER diagnosed ADHD; rather, HKRC. If you think stigma is bad now, in the ‘70’s NO ONE took psych meds. NO ONE! The fact that ADHD is recognized easily and treated routinely speaks volumes about the progress made in this area.




Hey, you sound just like me… verbatim lol, minus the timeframes…we are all so much alike. I am thrilled I found this website and I am excited to have found myself in others in our tribe!!


I hear you sister! Welcome to the Matrix! :smile:

Yes. I definitely wish I’d found out sooner. But if it’s any consolation, there are many who didn’t find out until much later than you, and far too many who still haven’t found out at all, or may never find out.


I do believe that a lot of the self-judgements, being hard on yourself or feeling you will never succeed etc. etc. seem to be secondary symptoms. That is, they are not inherent to being ADHD but as a result of how the world interacts with us. Even people without ADHD can have these symptoms if they get similar negative feedback.

In other words, we don’t have to assume we will not be able to change. We can overcome these secondary symptoms by being aware of who we are and coping with it and seeking help and by requesting people around us try to accommodate us. So yes, I do wish I had found out sooner and had gotten started on this road sooner.

And welcome! You have found your tribe :slight_smile: