Anyone every had injuries cause of stupid things?

I’m sure because of ADHD quirks you can end up being pretty clumsy at times giving you unnecessary injuries and such. I’m curious who has stories to tell about their dumb moments. Lemme start with mine:

The whole reason I started this thread is because exactly today is when it happened for me. I was organizing around the house and I have a wooden box on the floor that I’m organizing to put it back later. Now I managed to stub the same toe on the same corner of the box twice. Now I believe I might have my first ever fracture :joy::joy::joy:
It hurts of course but I can laugh about it too. I’m just so stupid to be so enthousiastic and forget about boxes on the floor :joy:

I also managed to cut myself with a pairing knife last year. I even have a scar from it :joy::joy::joy:
I was cutting a block of cheese and I was being clumsy with a stupid pairing knife and boom I cut myself in my finger.
I’m so clumsy :joy:

I also, twice, managed to get my finger, not my hand but my finger under the hoof of a horse, trying to clean their hoofs. I’m pretty sure that people who work with horses absolutely are like: how on earth did you manage to do that?
Well I did and I still don’t know why :joy::joy:

I’m curious what kind of injuries you guys all have. I myself have much more but these are the funniest in my eyes :joy::joy:

Well break loose, I wanna know!


All the time. I bump into door frames, get random cuts, stub toes, get bruises, bump my head, etc. I’m so absent-minded and unaware when it comes to my body, or when I’m hurrying to get stuff done.


I have a completely reconstructed ankle simply because of this. I’ve turned it and broken it more than I can count. The latest being this past February, we had an ice storm and I was trying to help my wife clean the ice off her car. Well there was about 8 inches of ice and then a drop off under her car. I stepped right as the drop off started. Turned my ankle, again. So yeah its always fun. Haha


I’m usually pretty cautious (I think ever since I was 9 years old, when my leg was broken in a car accident). I remember being less cautious when I was 4-6 years old.

  • At 4 or 5, I tried to write on myself with a pencil, accidentally stabbed the tip of the pencil lead into my skin, and a piece about 1mm stayed in my skin. I didn’t tell my mom (who was 5 feet from me with her back to me) because it’s didn’t bleed and it didn’t hurt enough (and I knew if she used tweezers it would hurt more). I think I tried washing it off, but it stayed in my skin and healed over. I can still see it, because I know exactly where to look on my wrist.

I’ve become very safety-conscious from my teen years onward.

I’m still a little clumsy. I’ve stubbed toes, smashed fingers (only a couple of times with a hammer), and bumped my head meant times. I’ve also cut my thumb using a mandolin slicer (trying my wife’s faster method of using it without the safety handle… big mistake!), and broke my nose once doubling-back in a dark hallway.

  • My nose was a little crooked when it healed, and somehow I re-broke it a few years later (I forget how), which halfway set it back to normal alignment.

I burn, bruise, cut my hands and get splinters all the time when working with any kind of metal or wood.
I don’t honestly know if that’s ADHD thing or general handworking thing.

Most surely-ADHD-related trauma is sore throat and bruised knuckles and feet from anger mismanagement. Pretty self-explanatory.


Must say that I do love the comments.

I just tried to bend my small toe and I succeeded. With some pain, but it wasn’t impossible. So that makes me think that it’s likely just badly bruised and not broken. That’s a happy me for sure :joy::joy:


This happens to me all the time! My funniest story for this regards a burn and it happened three months ago. There is this radiator close to my bed and at the time the heat was on max. Don’t know why but I would grab hold of it all the time. Most of the time this was okay as like 90% wouldn’t give you a burn. But I manage to grab the other 10% and it wasn’t this instant thing, I held on for a while before I noticed that it hurt. So I let it go and not even a minute later my hand grabbed onto the exact same spot. Needless to say, I got a burn in the area right between my index finger and thumb.


I recently touched a kitchen stove to see if it burns, while already being aware that yes, it does!
And I keep annoying the cat, while being fully aware that she’ll scratch me. I hate being scratched, but I can’t help myself. Adrenaline, I guess?

Still, I’m improving. Once, I used to bump on things and break stuff all the time. My bestie had bought a plastic glass just for me. Now I don’t do that anymore! Success!!!


When i was a kid i squirted the glue from a glue gun directly onto my hand to see if it would hurt.

It did.

Also as a kid i thought i would try to fix the shower, whilst standing in a bath full of water,
Took the cover off and prodded around the shiny bits with a screwdriver.

That also hurt :joy:


Oh I also burned myself on a gluegun once. I walked around with a blister on my thumb for a while :joy::joy::joy:


@Bubbles17 I think you might have dyspraxia. I am clumsy. It is the most severe neurodiverse impairment.

Around half of people with ADHD have dyspraxia.


I used to fall over as a child.

Advice, do exercise every day.


Dyspraxia certainly would explain a lot of clumsiness-related injuries.

I think that other ADHD traits would explain other injuries:

  • Impulsivity - can be more prone to engaging in risky behavior; tendency to take action without thinking of the consequences
  • Inattention - unaware of potential hazards in the area; not paying attention to what they’re doing; distractibility taking focus of where it needs to be
  • Hyperfocus - similar effect to Inattention, but unawareness is due to hyperfocus on something

As for me, I do have some inherent clumsiness (so perhaps a mild form of dyspraxia), lots of Inattentive distractibility & unawareness, and occasional tunnel-vision due to hyperfocus.

I’m beginning to think that I really might have dyspraxia.

  • I was much more uncoordinated as a kid, particularly about age 12-13 (when I seemed the clumsiest guy at my school, besides a few who had physical disabilities).
  • It takes me longer than average to learn new coordination-based tasks.
  • I move more slowly when doing coordination-based tasks, because once I speed up to a certain point, I become much more prone to clumsiness. (e.g. I was dishes much more slowly than my wife. If I tried to match her speed, dishes would get chipped or broken, and there would be water splattered all over me and the floor around me.)
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There might actually be a chance I have this. I have a really big portion of the symptoms. Thank you!


In the Netherlands, I think there is a better chance of getting a diagnosis of dyspraxia from your doctor, see what your doctor says .

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I indeed was around 4 years old when I was finally fully potty trained and could talk. But I do know that I am amazing at talking right now most of the time. From a lot of the others things I don’t remember a lot. I would have to look through this with my mom. She’d know better :rofl::rofl:

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