Anyone has migraines here?

I have been thinking about migraines lately.

I remember in high school I had a friend who had a very severe case of migraines. She seriously fainted at times. It was that bad. I also knew someone who had a much lighter case of migraines and he just had headaches a lot more than most other people would have.

I recently also saw a tiktok about different types of headaches and what they mean. Ever since my teenage years I frequently have headaches. I’m talking sometimes weekly. Sometimes there are longer periods without too. I decided to keep track of what types of headaches I have the most. They were two of them: in the back of my head and on the side of my head. They often come combined as well. And it doesn’t feel like I have a band around my head or something. I just litteraly have two specific spots where my headaches are. But they also come seperately. I also know I’m very sensitive to sensory overload. In fact, today I had a small panic attack in a store because I was overwhelmed and overstimulated. My boyfriend was with me so I recovered quickly bc he helped me out. And now I’m in bed with a headache. This headache isn’t that bad compared to the headaches I have at times. They typically come in evenings and they don’t go away until I wake up the next morning most of the times. But there are also times where I wake up with bad headaches or when I go to sleep and still have a headache the next morning. The headaches also tend to make me feel absolutely sick at times, depending on how bad they are. And normal aspirins and stuff often makes the headaches worse. That’s one-of the reasons I barely take them unless i have pain that’s so bad that I can’t take it anymore. Well with headaches I have no choice but to live through the pain most of the times. It’s awful.

So basically I’ve been summing up most of the symptoms here. So I think I might have migraines myself. I would like to go to the doctor soon to figure it out.

I also read that people with ADHD are more likely to have migraines. I thought about that before searching about it. In my mind it would only make sense that people with ADHD are more likely to have them.

Does anyone else have migraines and how does it play out on you? Maybe it can help me recognize more things in myself that might determine whether I might have migraines myself or not.


I don’t get migraines, but my wife does. She is neurotypical (as far as we can tell, besides the migraines). I’m a good year, she only gets a couple. In a bad year, she might have them occurring in several clusters.

  • She knows that a migraine is coming on because she will feel tingling or numbness in her fingertips. She may also start seeing spots and/or become sensitive to light and sound.
  • Sometimes she can prevent or reduce the impact by taking headache medicine at the first sign, before the pain begins. For really bad migraines, she takes prescription migraine medication (but she really doesn’t like the side effects, so she only takes it as a last resort).

I had a classmate in high school who had very regular migraines, about every two weeks, I’d say. (I suspect that they were triggered by hormonal changes - her menstrual cycle, ovulation cycle, or both). I don’t remember her having any ADHD symptoms, but back then the only ADHD trait that I recognized was Hyperactivity.

I’m not sure if I know anyone with ADHD and migraines, besides maybe one male coworker whose ADHD is well-controlled (and I’m not sure if I really heard him say that he has ADHD or not, but his migraines get so bad that he has to take a couple of days off work).