Anyone have experience moving from Vyvanse to concerta


Vyvanse was fantastic all the benefits no side effects no “high” just perfect but it only lasted 7-8 hours for me, doc is moving me to Concerta I’m going down from 50 Vyvanse to 36 Concerta with the flexibility to titrate up.

While everyone reacts different just looking for general experience



I’m team adderall.



I had it the other way around, I went from Concerta to Elvanse (same as Vyvanse) and preferred Elvanse by far. For me it lasts around 4-5 hours on average, but I am not necessarily a good measure for how long meds are supposed to last.
Personally I’d never go back to Concerta, but as you said, everyone is different and maybe it works great for you. Why are you switching? Just the duration of effect?

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Yea with work and kids duration is what I need



Adderall (I’m team amphetamines vs. team methylphenidate.) lasts 4-6 hours.



Is there any reason you can’t take a 2nd dose later in the day? Maybe lower the strength of the Vyvanse, but take a 2nd one around 11am-12 noon to carry you through to the evening?

I’M NOT A DOCTOR I’m just wondering if a doctor would have a problem with this kind of use.



Amphetamine all the way the other one makes me angry



Original script was once a day, new patient on these lol, I stick to doctor’s orders, I have since dropped to 50 Vyvanse and added clonidine to boost the effects, with the option for adding a 20mg later in the day as needed. Once she learned I’m not just in it for pills she eased up on restrictions

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Thumbs up! I’m considering asking for something similar from my doctor (20mg for work days/chill days, and additional prescription of 10mg to take as needed for school days, or other days that I need a little extra help…) I’m not sure how they’ll respond, yet, though.



I was forward with my doc thorough reports, and made sure to abide by their instructions to the T for anfew months



This reminds me of experiences in the waiting room for I.O.P. Intense outpatient program. People are talking about meds openly. I heard high school students ADHDers comparing how they take their stimulant meds (I.e. time of day and which kind and how much.)

It’s an odd condition when you need stimulants like amphetamine salts/ dextroamphetamine salts to do things. To “adult.”



I have done some research and there are different forms of release pills. I take Concerta and it is a slow release tablet so you can only take one a day and it will slowly give an even dose throughout the day. Other pills can give you a small burst of energy for a short time i think, but for the most part if it is not lasting long enough then you either need to take a stronger dose maybe or take it a little later in the day with the potential risk that you won’t be able to sleep as well. If not I think i remember reading that some people take 1-2 shorter release period pills a day. I am not completely sure because i am also not a doctor, but I do know that you should research your own medication and only take it as prescribed because different meds have different release mechanisms. you can’t just cut a concerta pill in half and hope it gives you half as much release time. Doing this actually ruins the slow release mechanism and causes a large amount of medication to go into the system all at once and will not last as long.



I have been on Concerta 36 mg for about 3 months now and I like it alright but it is also the first one i have tried.
Negative side affects for me include dry mouth (I just drink more water which is healthier anyway), suppressed appetite (I eat on a normal schedule so I’ll at least have a small lunch even if i’m not hungry, and then a ravenous dinner makes up for it when it wears off), and I can’t go to sleep early at night (this might just be due to my meds wearing off at night so then i feel super distracted and can’t feel focused enough to go to bed). I don’t recomend taking it after 10 because you might not be able to sleep as well, but also taking it early doesn’t help me with late night homework. But with every medication there are pros and cons.

As you can see i am able to manage all of the side effects very well so they don’t bother me, except for the sleep thing but idk if thats the meds or me. I like concerta because i feel in control and not like i am on a drug or that it is changing me too much. Literally the only thing that i notice a difference in when I am on Concerta is my internal thoughts. Instead of jumping from ten different thoughts over the course of a single minute while there is simultaneously a song stuck in my head, Concerta changes how i think and I can focus on one thing at a time. It is so releiving to not worry or think about multiple things at once.

I am not sure if I will stay on concerta but i like it so far and i hope you find what works for you as well!



I never changed from Vyvanse to Concerta, my change was Ritalin to Concerta and I think Concerta worked quite well for me personally. Not sure if that was a UK change as I don’t remember why they actually changed it!

The only downside with Concerta with it being a slow release was I had to take it around half past 8 otherwise it would have lost its effectiveness by the time I was trying to do homework. The other issue was, by half 8, I had been on the bus to school for nearly an hour and often would forget to take it, meaning until lunch time I was in a bad place, luckily I had a close friend who got good at reminding me!

Good luck with your change.



I went from Concerta (methylphenidate) to Elvanse/Vyvanse so yeah, I’m not sure.

My doctor said that they always start with methylphenidates as treatment because it’s the most researched and “proven” substance to work for ADHD. That’s how it works in Sweden where I’m from anyway.

I don’t get half the side effects from Elvanse that I got from Concerta. Concerta made me incredibly anxious and it was an awful time in my life.

I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t take it, though. People are incredibly different with what works and what doesn’t. But if you get bad side effects you should stop after a month or two if they haven’t subsided. Don’t wait for them to stop and suffer for 6 months like I did lol.



I am on 36 mg of Concerta and I’m being boosted to …54 mg (I think its 54) tomorrow. I like it because I feel the effects after an hour and it makes it easier for me to regulate my moods. My ability to allocate my attention is still off. Hoping the uppage in dose will help.
My only side effect is kind of a heartburny feeling. I just sip more water and pop a Tums if it bothers me too much.
I would like to suggest that you don’t skip meals, even if you aren’t hungry. Since the medicine kicks your metabolism into high gear, you’ll need to keep your calorie intake steady. Also be aware that it can cause some heart palpitations and you need to tell your doc if you experience this. (My doctor asks every time she sees me.)
I wish you the best of luck.



I have been off meds for months and soon after getting off Vyvanse (70mg) my impulses went through the roof. They were like wild horses that needed to be tamed. I didn’t want to go back to the dry mouth, and I heard here how Concerta may not give me dry mouth, but going to the doctor to ask for another pill to take was embarrassing because he just prescribed the pills he didn’t understand ADHD.

Now I’m with a really cool psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD. It is SOO COOL to have a doctor that understands. He started me with Intuniv because of my schedule, I have been taking it for a week and I just feel sleepy and still driven to distraction. I called him today, tomorrow I start on 54mg of Concerta because of the dose I was on with Vyvanse.

I hope this is it for getting meds.