Anyone here have ADHD and OCD?

Hey everyone. I’ve been overthink again. And now I’m wondering if I might have a mild form of ocd :thinking:

So, is there anyone here living with ADHD and OCD? If so, how do you keep the two apart from each other? What gets effected by what? How does OCD work on you?

I myself have 2/3 things that make me think that I might have OCD:

  1. I am OBSESSIVE over organizing things. When I fold clothes, they have to be straight. I have hundreds of markers and stationery supplies. They’re all sorted in specific ways and all that. I’m obsessed with those things. If things don’t go my way with cleaning and organizing I freak out.
    2: obsessive thoughts. I’m not sure if it’s a hyperfocus or obsessive thought thing. This whole subject is the best example. I keep wanting to talk with people about ADHD and being highly sensitive. And it sucks because obviously it gets annoying at one point. I am just overly obsessed with talking about it. And I have no idea why and there seems to be no way to stop it. I hate this about myself.
  2. Weird thoughts about horrifying scenarios. If I sit in a bus I sometimes start thinking about what if the bus would be a part of an accident? What would I do? Etc. Even worse is when I see a train and I would love to jump in front of it. I don’t want to kill myself. I simply wanna knownhow it feels when a train hits you with that speed. I just need to know it. Same with things like falling off a building or cutting myself. These thoughts are really weird. Sometimes I really have to hold myself in when I think about those things. I could jump in front of a train just like that. And I know I won’t survive it. But still I just need to know how it feels.

Another thing. I have an allergic reaction to a specific caterpillar with these hairs on it right now. I keep obsessing over that allergic reaction. There’s no reason to obsess over it, yet I am. It’s so weird. I want to get rid of that but I can’t.

If there’s something in my head, it needs to be worked out. I’m so obsessive over many things like that. And even when they’re finished, I’ll move on to a new one. I have no idea if this is hyperfocussing or OCD.

What do you guys experience with your ocd? I’d love to know. Maybe I should talk to a therapist again about these things. They seem to start spiraling out of control so much that it starts stressing me out.


Hey there!

I’ve struggled with OCD for around 10 years now and recently got diagnosed with ADHD as well.

I’m still figuring out the nuances between how the two present themselves but the understanding I’m starting to come to is: labels are only helpful to an extent. I find them helpful largely to get the proper course of treatment, but outside of that, I’m not too sure of the benefits they really bring to me in my journey living with them and working through them.

A couple things I can tell you. My psychologist and psychiatrist have both said that it may be the OCD has kept certain elements of the ADHD in check for me, so perhaps that could be the same for you? They’ve also said this comorbidity adds an extra layer of consideration to treatment as stimulants may flare up the OCD (everyone is unique though, so it’s not always the case!)

As far as identifying whether or not you have OCD, I would 100% recommend talking with a psychologist to figure this out. OCD can be a tricky beast that gets you spinning on all sorts of intrusive thoughts and really requires a kind, guiding hand of a specialist for you to get on top of it!

Reassurance seeking is one big compulsion many have (me included) to get rid of feelings they don’t like, so if you can, keep an eye on potentially using these forums for seeking reassurance.

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I am always seeking for reinsurance. It’s annoying :rofl::sweat_smile:

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I am most likely going into therapy soon. One of the reasons is to see if I might have OCD. I thought about it more often before. I have always wondered if it’s normal when you think of worst case scenarios in the bus without reasons or whenever you have to wash your hands a specific way. Or when things get out of control you get a complete meltdown for nothing because there’s nothing wrong. Maybe it’s also where my tics come from. Maybe that’s why I’m so stubborn. When people tell me to do something different I don’t want to because I’m afraid it’s the wrong choice. I’m cleeeaaarly afraid of failure. I get insecure easily. I’m a perfectionist. If I just call these things out they all can be signs of OCD. However, they don’t have to be. Ughhh sooo many questions. There’s a waiting line for 2/3 months before we can get the call to get into therapy. So I have to wait for a bit longer (I don’t feel that it’s urgent anyways). I just want answers. I almost demand them. I need clarification on who I am and what’s happening in my brain.

Sorry for my ranting